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Author Topic:  WorldWideWeb Discrimination.
Ron !

Post  Posted 3 Jan 2006 3:24 pm    
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It's a free country so everybody can have their say.Even on the world wide web.
Well apparently there are people that don't think that way.They think they own the WWW.
Those people stop for nobody.They will not even stop for discrimination.
Discriminated on the WWW you say?Yes it happens.
My wife got kicked out of a chatroom because she was to good looking...and did not do what they wanted.Right now they say that she got banned from the chatroom because she did not fit in.
My mailbox has a different story.Right now I am thinking of taking legal actions just because of this.

And then there are the ones that think they are funny by pretending they are a retarded boy and talk that way so that other people feel sorry for them.And you know what?It happened in one and the same chatroom.

I never thought that people would do this.And it happened right under our noses.In our steelguitar community.We suppose to be one big happy family.I always thought we were.But there seem to be a couple rotten apples in the basket that think differently.They have to have it all.I never thought that this would happen in our little community.
I was wrong.It does happen.
I am a steelguitar builder and player and people can ask me anything about this instrument.They can have the shirt of my back but I will NOT give up my wife.
She's worth more to me then all the steelguitars and computers in the world.
I use the same computer as she does and because of that I cannot get into that chatroom either.But somebody that hurts my wife hurts me and I don't want to talk to people that hurt my wife.And I sure as **** don't want to be in a chatroom with people that pretend to be retarded.

There were only a couple that said these things to my wife.
All the others in there are real steelguitar family members.And now they know the REAL reason why we are not there anymore.

I guess that there are people that are so lonely that they have to sink this low to get the attention they need.
Why is it that some people are never satisfied with what they got and need to have the things from somebody else.Every Christmas we live in harmony and yet...a couple days later we forget about this.
I hope that this message will open up some eyes and hope that people start to think.

b0b....I hope I did not take up to much bandwith.


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Jim Phelps

Mexico City, Mexico
Post  Posted 3 Jan 2006 3:55 pm    
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Wow... well all I can say is that a man who asks another man's wife to talk dirty to him in a chatroom is a slimebag lowlife anyway, and being booted from a chatroom full of people like that isn't much of a loss, despite it isn't right. Talk to my wife like that and you'll wake up in the hospital.

I'm sure these guys would never consider asking that of anyone's wife in person, they know they'd get a knuckle sandwich.... so they're cowards too, hiding behind their computers and internet anonymity.

I've never been in a chatroom in my life, I've heard too much about them being nothing but BS like this.

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Joey Ace

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Post  Posted 4 Jan 2006 6:10 am    
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Unfortunatly this happens all to often in groups that allow anyone to join for free.

Idiots (probably not even interested in the real topics) can make up any name, register, and create trouble.

That used to be a problem here before the free registration was dropped. Even a small token amount will cause the troublemakers to go elsewhere. It's not really the money, it's the extra effort they need to register that causes them to choose another target.

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Ray Minich

Bradford, Pa. Frozen Tundra
Post  Posted 4 Jan 2006 7:21 am    
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(Caption beneath drawing of pooch sitting at CRT & keyboard)

On the internet, no one really knows you are a dog...

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Cloverdale, CA
Post  Posted 4 Jan 2006 8:34 am    
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I wasn't present for the chat session in question. My opinion is that questions of protocol for the Steel Guitar Chat Room should be aired there, not here. The Forum is not formally affiliated with the Chat Room in any way.

I've closed this post because I don't want a running Forum topic to become a part of a legal action.

Bobby Lee
-b0b- quasar@b0b.com
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