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Author Topic:  Give me the truth about the C6 neck
scott murray

Asheville, NC
Post  Posted 12 Jun 2019 5:26 pm    
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found this quote from Buddy Emmons:

Three different steel players influenced the pedal choices for my first C6 setup: Bob White, Jimmy Day, and Speedy West. My eight string Bigsby had an E6th tuning like Speedy's and one of the changes was in part, the equivalent of our 5th pedal. The 7th pedal was a Bob White change he used on Hank Thompson records. The other was a cross between changes Jimmy Day had on his Wright Custom that raised the 1st and lowered the 5th with separate pedals. I combined the two on one pedal and made it the 6th pedal. The 8th pedal was another Jimmy Day or Jerry Byrd change that raised the middle C 1/2 tone. I added the boo-wah lower to it. When we went to 10 string Sho~Buds, I added whatever 9th and 10th string raises or lowers that were possible, as it didn't have the capability of raising and lowering the same string. When the Emmons guitar came out, it allowed raises and lowers of all strings so I went the full route on the bass end and set the rest of the tuning as it is today.

Emmons LL3 D-10, 10x11 / JCH D-10, 10x8 / Collier and Gold Tone 8-string dobros / Oahu Tonemaster 6-string
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Norm Fletcher

Ashland, OR
Post  Posted 22 Jun 2019 12:21 pm    
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I’m just starting feeling confident on the C6 (B6th) side. I Play universal tuning, so flying back-and-forth between ninth and sixth tunings becomes fun. Love the versatility. Of course, universal probably has limitations, but I won’t get there in this life....
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Ian Rae

Redditch, England
Post  Posted 22 Jun 2019 7:16 pm    
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Scott, thank you so much for finding those remarks of Buddy's. They answer all my curiosity.

Norm, at some point you will find that the boundary between the tunings starts to blur. I find myself doing things that are a bit of both. The idea of "one big tuning" is a bit of a myth, but there's definitely some overlap.

Yes, there are minor limitations with the uni but it beats hauling a twin-neck Smile
Homebuilt keyless U12 7x5, Excel keyless U12 8x8, Williams keyless U12 7x8, Telonics rack and 15" cabs
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gary pierce

Rossville TN
Post  Posted 23 Jun 2019 10:24 am    
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John Spaulding wrote:
For those interested in getting into their C6 necks: C6 Essentials

I just signed up for this course, and It is just what I needed to get going on C6.
Paul is the best instructor I've ever had, and the material is exactly what I needed.
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Drew Howard

Post  Posted 23 Jun 2019 12:35 pm    
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You put the time in, you'll reap the rewards.
C6 makes me feel like the Keymaster when I'm "in discovery mode".

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