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Reggie Duncan


Post  Posted 23 Nov 2017 9:06 pm    
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I have a 12 x 20 room to treat acoustically. Planning on getting 12" x 12" panels and bass traps.
I have a recording desk with speakers with my chair about 7' off the 12' wall...two speakers...standard listening/mixing setup. Has anyone experimented with leaving a space between the panels when mounting or is it best to butt them up together? I was thinking of placing 4 of the panels together in 3 locations on the wall behind the speakers. Advice welcomed!
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Rick Schacter


Portland, Or.
Post  Posted 24 Nov 2017 6:18 am    
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Don’t make the acoustics in your room too dead.
Bass traps should used.

In my studio, I have some Auralex panels behind my reference monitors as well as on each sidewall, placed just about the same height where my ears are when I’m sitting in front of my monitors.

The rest of my room is “live”.

An acoustic panel above your head might be good to have as well.

Auralex has kits that are designed for different size rooms.
You could check them out.


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Los Angeles
Post  Posted 24 Nov 2017 8:38 am    
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This guy has many IMO really good videos/lessons on Youtube.

No need to thank me for further complicating things.

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Godfrey Arthur

3rd Rock
Post  Posted 10 Dec 2017 8:27 am    
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You don't want it too dead.

But whatever you do make sure your mix position is the same on the left as it is on the right with you sitting in the center of that mix position in the center of the end of the room you place your mixer and speakers for a good phantom image out of your monitors.

As far as butting the foam panels together or not, you would need to know how your room responds to your mix position before you do this.

Foam addresses high frequencies so you might want to experiment with them before you commit to a whole bunch of them all over the walls. And they don't all do what they are claimed to do.

Using cloth with dead air space behind like a gobo might get better results.

This above is elaborate but burlap or breathable cloth stretched over a thin wood frame with some sound absorbing material, fiberglas or sound proofing tiles behind the stretch of cloth where the cloth does not actually touch the sound absorbing material but hung with a little space between, might work better than foam panels to trap certain high frequencies inside of the dead air space behind the cloth rather than be reflective off a foam wedge panel.

And it may take some time to pass to figure this out after doing mixes for a while with your designated monitors. You will want to get used to hearing many mixes, pro released ones to get to know your monitors and your room to know where additional high frequency treatment is needed ..or not.

The foam treatment has much to do with where your ears are. You would more likely be hearing sound reflecting off the sides of the mix position than you would hearing sound reflecting from behind the monitors.
ShoBud The Pro 1
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Daryl Thisdelle


New Brunswick, Canada
Post  Posted 13 Dec 2017 6:15 pm     Room treatment
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Prime Acoustic sells room treatment kits that work top notch. You should have where you listen to your recordings and do mixes fairly quiet. There should be no bouncing of sound in that area. There is first order 2nd order and so on of sound bouncing around the room. The opposite end of your studio should be more open. If you can not hear properly then you will never know what is wrong. Do not skimp on room treatment. Plus it is a must to put treatment over your listening area. My recording studio has room treatment in it and I spared no money on this part of it..If you treat your room properly everything will work much better and easier in your studio. If you skimp on this part of it your room will not be able to tell you much of what is right and what is wrong in your mix. I can send you pics of what I did to my studio so you can see what can and has to be done. Remember there is a right way and a wrong way.. make sure you listen and do your room the right way.. If you want help email me or send me a message..
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