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Author Topic:  Tunes Of The Week #23 - Buddy Emmons
Joe Goldmark

San Francisco, CA 94131
Post Posted 5 Jul 2011 9:18 pm     Reply with quote

Steeler: Buddy Emmons
Tune: Feel So Bad
Artist: Ray Charles
Album: Volcanic Action Of My Soul
Label: ABC Tangerine ABCS 726, 1971

I will go out on a limb and say this is the greatest blues solo ever played on the steel guitar. This legendary performance has been discussed on the Forum, but I'm not sure it's ever been posted. Sorry for the bit of distortion on the solo from my LP.

Tune: Hey Good Lookin'
Artist: George Jones
Album: George Jones Salutes Hank Williams
Label: Mercury SR 60257, 1960

Just a perfect E9 back-up. I love the augmented chord at the end of the intro.

Tune: Sweet Dreams
Artist: Faron Young
Album: All-Time Greatest Hits
Label: Capitol T1876 1964 (tune from 1956)

A gorgeous classic intro that celebrates the recently invented A&B pedals.

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Mike Neer

Post Posted 6 Jul 2011 3:32 am     Reply with quote

Thanks, Joe. I think the solo on the Ray Charles song is great and is no doubt helped along by the fantastic groove and vocal performance of Ray. Buddy very wisely rides the wave of the groove and then lays down a nice organ-like part in just the right place. Don't fight it, feel it!
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Tony Glassman

The Great Northwest
Post Posted 6 Jul 2011 6:54 am     Reply with quote

I always loved Buddy's ride on this great Little Milton tune. Ray Charles' voice is, as usual, just oozing soul.

Great pick, Joe!
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Peter Freiberger

California, USA
Post Posted 6 Jul 2011 8:48 am     Reply with quote

"Volcanic Action Of My Soul" has been a favorite of mine for ages, particularly "Feel So Bad". I was happy to see it as finally re-issued on CD and MP3 downloads are available through iTunes and Amazon. I read somewhere that Buddy thought he was just going to jam on some Ray Charles tunes with Glen Campbell until he got to the studio and realized he would be recording with Ray himself. By the way, the funky bass playing is by Carol Kaye.
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Rich Peterson

Moorhead, MN
Post Posted 6 Jul 2011 12:49 pm     Reply with quote

Peter, that is a great bit of info.
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Peter Freiberger

California, USA
Post Posted 6 Jul 2011 2:23 pm     Reply with quote

A Google search turned up this account, by Mr. Emmons himself, in the Forum archives:

"I was living in Downey, California when I received a phone call from Glen Campbell asking would I like to record some Ray Charles stuff that night. I had recorded with Glen before so I thought he was putting some Ray Charles songs together for a new album. I told him I'd love to and he gave me the address to the studio.

That night, I was in the studio green room surrounded by thirty or so musicians talking about whatever LA musicians talk about. The buzzing faded away and I saw everyone shift their attention to three figures walking toward us in a dimly lit hallway. When they entered the room, the man in the middle turned out to be Ray Charles. If I remember correctly we all applauded. I stood there stunned because of the mindset I had for a Glen Campbell album. I gathered my wits and headed for the studio.

Our chemistry worked extremely well from the start. The first thing Ray did was to sit at the piano and ask me to play behind him as he sang a blues tune. After a couple of passes, he would smile and respond with comments like, "Yeah man, I think you've got it," or "Um hum; you know what the old man likes." I did know what he liked and it came from the many hours Jimmy Day and I spent listening to his music.

One of my greatest experiences ever was being on stage with Ray and his orchestra in Nashville. You can hear your name pronounced a million times but you'll never forget the sound of Ray Charles introducing you to an audience. It's an incredible feeling to get the chance to meet and shake the hand of someone you've thought so much of for years, but to be on stage and work with that person is beyond words. May he rest in peace."
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Ken Byng

Southampton, England
Post Posted 7 Jul 2011 2:44 am     Reply with quote

Buddy recorded with Ray Charles on several albums. This has got to be the ultimate compliment by being asked to play on a Ray Charles recording. The King of R&B/Soul. I have always been amazed that Ray also loved country music, unlike many black performers of his genre.
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