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Author Topic:  Render to WAV? yeah sure!
Stuart Legg

Post  Posted 8 Sep 2009 11:30 am    
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Does anyone use "render to wav" ? If so how do you set the recording volume?

BIAB makes a big deal out of telling you that you won't get a Wav unless you set the recording volume and then they don't give you a clue about how to do this with these renkydenk no mixing *%$#*^@# surround sound cards you get with computers now days.

My old computer with windows xp and an old sound blaster card will allow you to set the volumes to record anything that goes through the sound card and you can set everything in the mixer window.
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David Collins

Madison, North Carolina, USA
Post  Posted 8 Sep 2009 12:04 pm    
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For whatever this is worth:

I render to WAV a lot. I do it by rendering using Roland VSC3. It took a little while to go the extra step in setting it up, but I get constantly good results with little or no problems.

Sometimes I then burn the WAV's to a CD anf give to my band mates for practice purposes. Sometimes I'll render each instrument seperately and import them into Audacity and re-mix, etc.

David Collins
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Johnny Baldwin

Long Beach, California, USA
Post  Posted 11 Sep 2009 11:17 am    
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Make sure you "save" the initial project first, before rendering to WAV. I had this same problem until I went back and read the voluminous owners manual for BIAB 2009. I also render to WAV in separate tracks. Like David mentioned,I then import the separate track WAV files into another program such as Cakewalk, Audacity, Adobe Audition or Magix's Samplitude for final mix down. Hope this helps.
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Erv Niehaus

Litchfield, MN, USA
Post  Posted 11 Sep 2009 1:53 pm    
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I don't know for nothing about volume.
I just hit the render to WAV button and let the program do its thing.
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Mike Hoover

Franklin, TN, USA
Post  Posted 18 Sep 2009 8:47 am    
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way to go Erv, that is the way I do it, you have to have the selected input correct, on my computer it is the sound mix input, may be different on your computer. I built mine it is a Gigabyte MB system.

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Erv Niehaus

Litchfield, MN, USA
Post  Posted 18 Sep 2009 8:56 am    
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I have sweated bullets for quite a while over a problem in exporting MIDI tracks to an external MIDI player.
I thought it was the computer, but I discovered it was the operator! Whoa!
I went into my BIAB program and started clicking on the overhead menu buttons. Lo and behold, there was one entitled Opt. I pulled down the menu and there was some mention about MIDI I/O. I did some changing around and walla, my problem was solved.
I only know enough about computers and BIAB to be dangerous! Rolling Eyes
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