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Author Topic:  Peavey Transfex Pro 212s
Danny Hullihen

Harrison, Michigan
Post  Posted 25 Jul 2005 9:24 am    
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This amp is a lot like the Peavey Session 2000 steel amp, but with a little different preamp circuit. The first things you'll notice about the Transfex Pro 212s are that it 's relatively compact for a 2x12 combo. It's front-panel layout is a space-saving tour de force-and, at 75 pounds, it's one heavy box. But with a stereo power amp that kicks out 90 watts per channel into two Peavey custom designed speakers, the weight is understandable (can't help but notice that massive heat sink on the back panel)!

The Pro 212s was designed not to scare anyone with its ultra-modern sophistication. At least, this seems to be the goal of Peavey's carefully designed front panel. On the left are a group of fairly self-explanatory preamp functions: Pre Gain, Low, Mid, Treble and Post Gain. Pre Gain varies preamp gain, while Post Gain adjusts the overall volume level of the preset. The preamp controls use knobs that also serve as MIDI data encoders, allowing preamp settings to be saved within digital presets.

In the middle of the panel, you'll find the digital end of things: an LCD window, an assortment of buttons and a RAM cartridge, (Cache card) slot for storing your presets externally. Also in this region, and not part of the digital processor,is a button labeled "mode," which selects between any of the preamps' four voices: Clean, Crunch, Lead and Ultra. Ultra has the same high-gain as Lead, but uses an active EQ circuit (the preamp is otherwise passive). Finally, on the right are the Pro 212s's power amp controls: Master Level, Resonance, Presence, and T. Dynamics. Resonance and Presence allow the amplifier's damping factor to be adjusted for low and high frequencies respectively. On the back panel are jacks for left and right extension speakers, a stereo effects loop, right and left line-level input and output, and a MIDI input and output for MIDI-continuous devices like an expression pedal or foot controller such as Peavey's optional PFC10.

Things get prettier on the inside. The Pro 212s's 24-bit digital processor offers such effects as a compressor, two pitch shifters, envelope filter, rotary speaker, tremolo, phaser, a slew of equalizers, speaker simulator (for DI use), digital distortion and, of course, reverb and delay. It also has an internal chromatic tuner. Because the processor doesn't use fixed algorithm chains, you can mix and match any combination of effects that you wish, up to seven effects at a time. The processor stores 128 factory presets and 128 user-programmable presets in two effects banks. Additionally, 128 user-programmable presets can be stored on a RAM cartridge.

The Pro 212s is overwhelmingly versatile, and you can spend days on end experimenting with features and creating custom effects chains and presets. The processor also allows for full MIDI implementation. Still, the amp's most intriguing, desirable feature-at least, for anyone concerned with tone,is Peavey's patented TransTube circuitry, which is used throughout the Pro 212s's analog, solid-state preamp and power amp stages. Peavey won't say how TransTube does what it does, but what it does is give the amp tube-like tone, not just by mimicking a tube amp's sonic characteristics, but by duplicating the overload, impedance, and electro-static conditions that a tube imparts on a signal. The aforementioned T. Dynamics control allows the power stage to get good and saturated at lower levels by varying the output level of the amplifier.

And, as playing tests revealed, T. Dynamics definitely helps attain that beloved tube and output transformer compression at lower volumes. The Pro 212s is absurdly loud, and more output that you'll likely ever require. Nevertheless, this combo likes and wants to be played loud! Powering up, it delivers a joltingly audible transistor-like "thud" before landing in its default preset.

Although Peavey has equipped the Pro 212s with plenty of lush, stereo delay and reverb presets, and a few that simulate Eb and low D tunings via the pitch shifter (not to mention plenty of retro-inspired presets using tremolo and rotary speaker effects), the best way to get a sense of how this pup sounds as an amp is to find a good, mono, non-effects preset (Clean Tube is an ideal one) and tweak to your heart's delight using the preamp's gain and tone controls and the preamp's four voices. This amp is so fine, it doesn't need effects to shine.

This amp also comes with the Peavey PFC 10 Midi Foot Controller which allows the operator to perform all the amps functions via the foot switches, including tuning.

The Bottom Line:

Considering everything the Transfex Pro 212s is capable of, you might not be the master of its domain overnight. Given time, however, you'll probably find it to be the all-in-one answer to your prayers, and it's an absolute joy to play. In my opinion, this was one of Peavey's Ultimate guitar amps. It has a ton of power and features that will give you just about anything you can imagine.

Price on this one is $700.00 plus shipping, and credit cards are accepted.

For more info, call Harrison Music at: 989-539-4715, or send email.

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Bob Martin

Madison Tn
Post  Posted 26 Jul 2005 3:25 pm    
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Just a note to help Danny sell this Monster. I have one and it is the best all in one amp I have ever heard bar none (pun intended) The only caveat I would throw in is as soon as you buy it go to Lowes and buy 4 wheels for it because you will get tired of carring it around. There was no way for Peavey to build such a solid amp and not make it heavey.

The PFC 10 alone is worth a couple of hundred bucks so this is a good deal. If I didn't have one I would buy it hee hee.

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Danny Hullihen

Harrison, Michigan
Post  Posted 28 Jul 2005 1:37 pm    
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Thanks Ron. These Peavey amps truly are first-class amplifers, and comes ready with just about any effect a guy can imagine. Lots of stereo power, and great tone.
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