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Author Topic:  Session 400 reverb is "popping"
Jeff Lampert

queens, new york city
Post Posted 9 Jun 2000 9:32 pm     Reply with quote

I have a Peavey Session 400 w/JBL 15" from mid-70's. Lately, the reverb "pops", not the kind of explosion you get when you shake the amp, just rather loud pops. And the pops are not provoked by shaking the amp. They just happen out of nowhere. Maybe 40% of the times it pops, I lose total reverb, but it comes back in a few seconds, or quicker if I smack the amp lightly. The popping has become frequent. Will it get to the point where the reverb is useless and how long do I have before that happens? Does anyone know what's wrong, and how I can get it repaired. Or will it be so expensive and time-consuming that I should buy a new amp. Thanks for your help. .. Jeff
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Jack Stoner

Inverness, Fl
Post Posted 10 Jun 2000 2:18 am     Reply with quote

Sounds like it could be a bad or dirty reverb pot. That old an amp it could be other things but the pot is the best place to start.

Sometimes just running the pot from one end of it's trave to the other several times will clean one up. Other times the amp chassis will have to be taken out of the amp and cleaner sprayed in it (and if you do that clean all the pots while your at it).

If that doesn't do it, check and see if it's one setting on the reverb pot that is doing it, and if it is the best thing is just to replace the pot.

These are very inexpensive things to do and there's not need to trash a good amp because of a flakey reverb.

I worked on an early Session 400 recently and I think it had RCA phono jacks on the reverb cable connections. You could try unplugging them and plugging them back in to make sure they are making good connection, but they normally are not flakey like the newere units with the molex connector. You could also check the connectors at the reverb tank end and do the same thing, unplug and plug back in.

If that doesn't do it then it's a trip to an amp tech (or send it to Peavey repair center).
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Grayson, Ga.
Post Posted 13 Jun 2000 4:01 pm     Reply with quote

Clean the pots (as mentioned) with a good electronic cleaner/lubricant for a first step. Make sure to get cleaner/lubricant as opposed to just a cleaner or the contacts will dry and oxidize.
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