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Author Topic:  Webb & Evans amps
Paul Brainard

Portland OR
Post Posted 6 Jun 2000 10:39 am     Reply with quote

Can anyone enlighten me as to the differences between the 6-14 E and a GP-14 Webb models? Also, how do people feel these compare to the Evans Fet 500 LV? Thanks!
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Jay Ganz

Out Behind The Barn
Post Posted 6 Jun 2000 1:34 pm     Reply with quote

Ok, I'll give it a shot....
I have owned both the Evans FET 500 LV &
Webb 614 E. There's quite a difference.
It really depends what tone you're looking
for. Each one does its own thing. The 614 E
is super flexable tone-wise. You've got the
3 position tone selector to start with, then
the regular tone controls, plus a switchable
5 band equalizer. The projection of the JBL
speaker is incredible. So the possibilities are ENDLESS. BUT
some guys don't
want a whole bunch of controls to fiddle with. The Evans is simpler to operate
and the tone controls aren't quite as sensitive. But then again, they don't have to be. It's tone is warm with somewhat less
high end. That is also due to the Eminence
made speaker as opposed to the JBL.
Now, the newer Evans models are a bit different so someone else would have to tell you about those.


Got That Steelin' Feelin'

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Kevin Mincke

Farmington, MN (Twin Cities-South Metro) USA
Post Posted 6 Jun 2000 7:23 pm     Reply with quote

Paul,the Webb GP-14 (general purpose) amp is the same amp/preamp section as the 6-14E w/o the EQ band. It also is standard W/the 12" speaker & optional JBL or 15". WWW.WEBBAMPS.COM
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Fred Murphy

Indianapolis, In. USA
Post Posted 6 Jun 2000 8:45 pm     Reply with quote

I have owned both amps, the Evans 500 FET, and the Webb 6-14. My personal opinion is limited to the use of only two guitars, an Emmons and a Sho-Bud. I played Sho-Buds for 20 years, because I did not like the push-pull system on the Emmons. In my opinion they are hard to pedal and awkward to tune and change set-ups, although I have always liked the tone of the Emmons. When I played Sho-Buds, I loved the tone of the Webb. However, when I bought an Emmons, I decided that I would never go back to Sho-Bud and I didn't like the Webb very well with my Emmons. It sounded good, but not nearly as good as the Evans. Also the Sho-Bud did not sound as good through the Evans as it did through the Webb, so I sold my Sho-Buds and my Webb. I think it would depend a whole lot on the type of guitar you are using and the pickups they have. I have always liked John Hugheys tone, and a friend of mine suggested that instead of trying to make my Sho-Bud sound like John's, why not just get the real thing, and so I did. And I have never been sorry. John used the Emmons and Evans combination for many years. He also used one Evans in combo with a Pevey for a long time, and I like that combination also. I would go to steel shows and check out my favorite players equipment and go from there. It doesn't mean you will sound like them though, only closer.
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