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Author Topic:  Steel Guitar Rag - C6 non pedal
Jesse Pearson

San Diego , CA
Post  Posted 7 Jan 2004 9:36 pm    
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#-----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. Remember to view this file in Courier, or some other monospaced font. www.jessepearsonguitar.com
Steel Guitar Rag - C6 tuning

**The " minor 3rd and 1/2 " (-3.5) is the real blues 3rd, found ½ way between the Minor 3rd and Major 3rd (G and G#). Besides this being one of the all time classic steel songs, it's a great way to practice nailing that blues 3rd in your line. This version was a very early Bob Wills version with a young Leon McAuliffe on Open E Dobro. You can Harmonize the lead line (note for note Leon) any way you want. Don't forget to put slides in between the notes. The :B: section has a fast triplet played 5 times in a row over the B7, it's tricky hick timing. The phrasing/glisses of this song requires you to hear the original Bob Wills/Leon McAuliffe version if you want to get close to Leon's feel, that's what the tab is based on. I left the bar lines out because they were messing up the notes on the final product with the way it was ending up lookin, I forgot to write em down in the first place. The chords line up in the right places with the notes. Each section is 8 measures in 4/4 or 16 measures in 2/4.


             E                                         B7         E 

                       A7                 E     B7        E
E----------2-4---6-7---3-3-2-----------2--3.5---2-----------------| |
C--------4-------------------4--------4----------4--------------4-| |
A--2-2-4------------------------2-2-4-------------4-----------4---| |
G--------------------------------------------------4--------4-----| |
E---------------------------------------------------4-----4-------| |
C----------------------------------------------------4------------| |


  E   A7           E                   F#                 B7

                   A7           E                  F#            B7          E
E-------------------------------5-4-3--------------------------------------------| |
C------11-----11---9---4----4---------4---4--4-------6-----------11----------16--| |
A------------------9---4--4------------4-----------------------------------------| |
G---11-----11---------------------------4---4----------6------------11--11---16--| |
E-11-----11--------9---4--4----------------------5-6-----6------------11-----16--| |
C-------------------------4------------------------------------------------------| |



      B7                     E                       A7               E     B7     E
E-----------------------------------------------------------------2.5-4---6-7---11-12--| |
C--------11----------11--------16--------16------------9-------9--2.5-4----------------| |
A-------------------------------------------------------------------------------12-11--| |
G-----------11----11--------------16--------16-----------9---9----2.5-4---6-8----------| |
E--10-11-------11--------15-16-------16--------16--8-9-----9---------------------------| |
C--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |
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Jesse Pearson

San Diego , CA
Post  Posted 30 Jan 2004 7:24 am    
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Here's the lyrics to the vocal version of "Steel Guitar Rag".

Been runnin' around, seen many a town.
So maybe you'll find I'm the kind of guy to brag.
But listen to me and see if you don't agree,
no melody rolls like that STEEL GUITAR RAG.
And when they slide that thing along the strings,
it sounds so dog-gone heavenly,
You hear the angels sing an' when you start your feet,
your heart will beat the rhythm to that STEEL GUITAR RAG.

You may be kinda choosy 'bout the kind of songs you hear.
You may like songs that's bluesy so you cry right in your beer.
But if you like a tune that's bound to drive away your care,
make happy your soul with that STEEL GUITAR RAG.
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Michael Johnstone

Sylmar,Ca. USA
Post  Posted 30 Jan 2004 8:44 am    
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Before Leon got a hold of it,it was an old tune called "Buttermilk Rag" which probably dates back at least to the 20s. "Old Buttermilk Raaag - Old Buttermilk Raaag....."
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Cloverdale, CA
Post  Posted 22 May 2019 5:18 pm    
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Found it! Cool
-𝕓𝕆𝕓- (SGF Admin) Robert P. Lee ♪ Twitter @b0bleeCopedentsRecordings
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