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Author Topic:  Look at Us"
Robert Lewand

Baltimore, Maryland
Post Posted 27 Sep 1999 11:51 am     Reply with quote

Does anyone have tablature for the intro to Vince Gill's "Look at Us" (as recorded by John Hughey)?

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Lamar Campbell

Counce Tennessee Usa
Post Posted 27 Sep 1999 5:21 pm     Reply with quote

Hi Robert I don't play tab but will try and explain it. The song is in Eb and John Hughy
uses the third pedal alot ( the one that raises 4th and 5th strings). pick strings 3 & 4 at the 4th fret slide to the 6th fret and nudge the 3rd pedal listen to the cd to get the right sound because the pedal is not pushed all the way down. Now at the 4th fret play strings 3 &4 with the 4th string lowered before you pick it then let the 4th string come back up. Then play strings 1 4 2
at the 4th fret. Then at the 6th fret play strings 5&6 slide down to the 4th fret on strings 5&6. Slur strings 6&9 at the 5th fret to the 6th fret. Then play strings 456
at the 13th fret with booth b&c pedals down
(b=G#toA C=EtoF#&BtoC#) slide down to 11th fret on same strings with both peadls down then let off the pedals. Then play strings 4&5 with a&b pedal down at the 6th fretthen plat strings 5&6 at the 6th fret with pedal down. Then play strings 4&6 at the 4th fret no pedals slide to the 6th fret on strings 4&6 push b&c pedals then let off. (a=BtoC#
B=G#toA) I hope this will help. If anyone knows how to tab this please feel free to do so.
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Louie Hallford

denison tx
Post Posted 27 Sep 1999 5:43 pm     Reply with quote

John Hughey has it tabbed and sells it.I have seen his address mentioned recently on the Forum.
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Dave Alfstad

Indianola, IA USA
Post Posted 29 Sep 1999 4:15 am     Reply with quote

If you go back and look at posts from the last 60 days or so, you will find a post on this same topic where I tabbed the intro out. I also included a WAV file on my website of me playing the intro so you can hear it as well.

Dave Alfstad

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Janet Walser

Pfafftown NC
Post Posted 19 Oct 1999 1:28 pm     Reply with quote

Johns Ph# is 615-824-4366 410 Indian Lake Rd., Hendersonville, Tn. Sorry I don't have the zip code handy.
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Jon Guirl

Millington TN, USA
Post Posted 27 Oct 1999 5:13 am     Reply with quote

1 ___________________4_____________________________________________________________________
2 ___________________4_____________________________________________________________________
3 _____4~~6B~~6___4______________________13B~~11~~11B~~11__________________________________
4 _____4~~6C~~6___4_____4________________13C~~11~~11C~~11____6~~6__________________________
5 ______________________4A__6A~~6~~1_____13C~~11~~11C~~11____6~~6A__6A___7A~~11A~~9A_______
6 __________________________6B~~6~~1L_______________________________6B_____________________
7 _________________________________________________________________________________________
8 _______________________________________________________________________7R~~11~~~9R_______
9 _________________________________________________________________________________________
10 _________________________________________________________________________________________

I'm not sure if I have the fret numbers correct on that last phrase (strings 5&Cool because I'm not sitting at my guitar. But thats the way the intro goes, if I get a chance I'll type out the solo too later on.


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Kenny Dail

Kinston, N.C. R.I.P.
Post Posted 27 Oct 1999 8:38 pm     Reply with quote


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