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Author Topic:  Intro to Round About Way
Bob Ruggeri

Albany, New York
Post Posted 13 Sep 1999 1:48 pm     Reply with quote

Anybody have the opening to the George Strait song "'Round About Way" figured out? I've got this much: (I'm just no good at writing tab; I'm sorry). The song's in A and the lick opens on strings 3 and 5 pedalled AB going up to the V chord (i.e., frets 4,5,6, to 7). It goes straight back to the 5th fret where I sorta lose it.
I try to continue from that point on strings 4 and 6 at the 8th fret with my RKR. (My RKR raises the 4th string (E) to an F.) I descend with those 2 strings with the RKR

As the descending intro gets back to the A there's a little 6 note lick into the A chord. I can't find it and, from the tone, it's not done with an open A.

Can any of you help me out? Thanking you in advance, you guys - and this Forum - are truly the greatest.
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Rob Segal

Post Posted 17 Sep 1999 1:29 pm     Reply with quote

Bob, I don't have this note-for-note, but I do play it this way with my band:

I do it all with the B and C pedals. Start at 5th fret open, 3rd & 5th strings (and I also throw in 4 as well)...then 5th fret B & C with 3/4/5, then, all with B & C engaged, move up chromatically thru 6th to 7th fret, back to 5th with 3/4/5, then to 7th fret with 4/5/6, 6th fret with 4/5/6, 5th fret with 4/5/6, then while letting that sustain, release the C pedal (hold B pedal) and lower the 4th string E to get the dominant 7th, then finish off with a B & C pedal slide on 4/5/6 from 6th to 7th, then hit 3/4/5 on the 7th fret with B & C, then back to 7th fret B & C 4/5/6 and slide down to 5th fret open.....make any sense?

I know this is not faifthful to the recording, it just works....hope it gives you a start.

Rob Segal
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Bob Ruggeri

Albany, New York
Post Posted 21 Sep 1999 7:09 am     Reply with quote


Just got back into town and, therefore, back on the Forum. Thank you very much for laying out your lick. I'll check it out ASAP. 'Ppreciate the help and the time you took.

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