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George Biner

Los Angeles, CA
Post  Posted 9 Aug 2022 5:00 pm    
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I've gotten some really spiffy tab off this site and want to thank the tabber folk -- tab isn't a cure-all, but it sure is fun to learn a great solo when sometimes you don't have the knowledge to figure it out.

I've been thinking about a couple things regarding tab -- I use tab to learn stuff and I occasionally write out tab for what I can't find.

I have some suggestions for writing tab. (And, you'd think that since I am issuing suggestions, I would be creating a lot of tab for the community, but, alas, no, I guess I'm mostly talk. Seriously, I do have a couple of songs that I need to finish up and post. )

1. When notating a, for lack of a better term, "scoop" up (a quick slide up from one note to the other that takes the time of one note), the tabber could differentiate that from an actual two-note sequence (takes the time of two notes). A lot of times it's real confusing which is which because there is no differentiation between these two very different things.

2. Annotations -- where the tabber would explain what is being done theory-wise. Let's face it, often we'll learn a solo with a lot of moves where we have no idea what is the thought process behind it -- especially long sequences up the fretboard. This could turn tab into an important theory teaching tool. It would also give an insight as to how the pro steeler minds work.

3. When I get to the end of a line in tab, it's difficult to look ahead to the next line and know the new grip that's coming -- by the time you get to the new line, it's too late -- so tabbers might put an indication at the end of a line as to which strings are played next to get a head start on the next grip.
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