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Author Topic:  DOUG JERNIGAN new videos available!
Tyler Davenport


Kentucky, USA
Post  Posted 6 Jun 2022 3:17 pm    
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Doug just added some more lessons on my Patreon site. Doug is working hard to post content regularly! Here is a list of some things taught on my Patreon site. We're having a great time and learning lots! 10 dollars per month! Hard to beat! Tab, video, and sometimes tracks included. Thanks for those that have joined thus far!

Quick lick from one of Doug's DVD's
Beginner E9th Scales
Intermediate - Advanced E9 4/4 Shuffle
Intro in G, Swing E9th
C6th 12 Bar Blues
C6 Major and Minor Scales
Forward Roll E9th
Modes on e9th
Minor Scales on e9
Minor Exercise on e9
Intro and Ending in G E9
Swing Intro in C C6
Swing Intro in C E9
Intro In D Intermediate - Advanced E9
Intro In C Beginner E9
Swing Intro In D C6
C6 Chord Progression and Exercises
C6 Chord Construction
4-4 Swing Shuffle in G E9 Intermediate
4-4 Slow Waltz in E E9 Beginner to Intermediate
Ending Lick in F - E9
Intro In A - E9
Intro In F
Scale Exercises on e9
Shuffle in C e9
Swingin' Melody in Bb C6
Medium Tempo Song in G E9
Right Hand Exercise
Slow Waltz in D E9
Blues tune in Bb C6
Fast RIff in G E9
Ending Riff in F C6
Slow Ballad in G E9
Intro in G Beginner E9
Turkey In the Straw in E Advanced e9
Intro in D Beginner E9

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Gary Spaeth


Wisconsin, USA
Post  Posted 7 Jun 2022 4:12 am    
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