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Author Topic:  Power - US to NZ
Bill Bassett


Rimrock, Arizona, USA
Post  Posted 31 Jul 2020 3:16 pm    
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Need the straight skinny, the real deal, the accurate dope, in other words, a true answer.
Topic: Electricity! Specifically as it pertains to audio gear.
Question: I have several modern guitar amps here in the US. 120v 60hz power transformers. Is there a power conditioner or adaptor for use in NZ? 240v. 50hz. Or, are the factory original transformers themselves adaptable, can they be tapped?
I have a 2019 BOSS Katana head, A 2019 Peavey Nashville 112, a 2020 Peavey Bandit 112 and a 2020 Ampeg BA-108. Each uses the detachable IBM style power cord.
Thank you.
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Donny Hinson


Glen Burnie, Md. U.S.A.
Post  Posted 31 Jul 2020 4:28 pm    
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There are several ways to accomplish what you're trying to do, and it would depend on whether you wanted something temporary or permanent. Easiest would be a step-up/step-down transformer or converter. You'd probably want something in the "500 watt and up range". They're heavy, and pretty costly...maybe $100 or more. You could also change the transformers in the equipment, but that could cost a lot more unless you can do it yourself. You might have to make chassis mods for the new transformers. Oh Well


Either of those ideas would work with standard gear, but I'm not sure if having a (digital) switch-mode power supply in the equipment would work with the lower frequency. (They don't have big power transformers, as a rule.) For non-digital equipment, it's not an issue. Regular amps would do fine with the lower frequency.

Of course, since you have to haul all that stuff to NZ, and that kind of freight ain't cheap, it might be better to just sell what you have and buy replacement gear there. For me, that would be the way to go if it was a permanent move.
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Bill Bassett


Rimrock, Arizona, USA
Post  Posted 31 Jul 2020 5:25 pm     International Distribution
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So, these amps are sold around the world and likely all manufactured in China or elsewhere, are the using universal chassis’ with coil tappable transformers?
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Sandy Inglis

Christchurch New Zealand
Post  Posted 31 Jul 2020 9:07 pm    
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Hi Bill
Here in NZ, I use a Peavey Nashville 1000 with a 230V to 110V transformer. It is heavy but is separate from the amp (which has a BW Neo Speaker).
I had a quick google and found that our local music shops have both Boss and Peavey (some) available and these would be 230 Volts.
I would like to fit a 230V tranny to my amp but Peavey won't sell outside the USA.
I'm and Elecronics Tech and could fit it myself if I could get one.
Are you coming to (almost) Covid-free New Zealand?
As long as we can control the borders we can keep it that way.
I am playing out almost every weekend at the moment.
01'Zumsteel D10 9+9; Sho Bud D10 SuperPro; 6 String Lap Steel (Homemade); Peavey Nashville 1000; Fender Deluxe 85;
1968 Gibson SG; Taylor 710 CE; Encore Tele Copy; Peterson Tuner; HIWATT T40 C 40W/20W Combo
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Paddy Long

Christchurch, New Zealand
Post  Posted 2 Aug 2020 5:01 pm    
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Bill if your bringing a US amp to NZ you will need a 115v to 230v transformer !

If your buying locally, then all our amps are built for the local Aussie/NZ market so are built with 230 volts ! Most brands are available here ... apart from steel amps :-}

a lot of rack mount gear is usually "auto search" .. meaning it will adapt itself to the local voltage - you will just require a different plug (3 pin).
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Per Berner

Skövde, Sweden
Post  Posted 2 Aug 2020 11:13 pm    
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My NV1000 is US spec, and i run it via a 110-240V/60-50 Hz separate transformer with a European socket plug – works perfectly. It is heavy, but it fits inside the amp above the reverb tank, and since the amp never leaves my house the weight is not a problem. If that situation should occur, the transformer has a built-in handle.

The transformer cost me the equivalent of 70 USD twelve years ago and was easy to find at a local electronics store.
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