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Author Topic:  Changing copedents
Zena Kay

Pennsylvania, USA
Post Posted 31 May 2018 9:04 pm     Reply with quote

Hey y’all, just wanted to see if anyone can recommend anyone who has some good, detailed and accurate info on changing around copedents! I don’t feel comfortable doing it myself yet, and could use a book, writing, YouTube video? Anything! Ok thanks folks
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Tim Herman

Alberta, Canada
Post Posted 1 Jun 2018 3:59 am     Reply with quote

Mickey Adams has a dvd.
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Ian Rae

Redditch, England
Post Posted 1 Jun 2018 8:38 am     Reply with quote

A lot depends on what make of guitar you have, what skills/tools, and what kind of changes you propose. Perhaps you could tell us more.
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Charlie McDonald

out of the blue
Post Posted 1 Jun 2018 9:51 am     Reply with quote

Would Clem Schmidt's book be appropriate?
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Dan Kelly

Boston, MA
Post Posted 1 Jun 2018 11:58 am     Reply with quote

Hey Charlie: I think Clem primarily addresses Emmons push pull set ups. I have his info around here somewhere.

Zena, what did you end up with?
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Bobby D. Jones

West Virginia, USA
Post Posted 9 Jun 2018 8:34 pm     changing copendents Reply with quote

Before you start this project. I suggest you go through both copendents and see if you will have enough Bell Cranks, Rods, Cross rods and such. Check the rods and make sure you have enough rods long enough to do all the pulls.
It would be bad to get it partly changed and then have to start making rods or order them and lose a lot of time with the guitar in the middle of the changeover. Good Luck in this project.
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Jim Hussey

California, USA
Post Posted 10 Jun 2018 12:25 am     Reply with quote

If you are working on a push pull, don’t do it. Take it to someone with p/p experience

If you are working on an all pull guitar, at a minimum, I would suggest these 2 steps:

1 – Make a rodding chart of your existing setup.
You might try a search on the forum as rodding charts have been posted for most all pull makes.

2 – Get the Mickey Adams Video and follow it.

The key to such a project is timing the changes. This is the reason for making a rodding chart of your existing setup. Assuming your guitar is properly timed now, you will want to know the current bell crank and raise / lower finger settings for each string. In addition to timing pedals and levers, you may have half stops and splits. If you have these, your rod chard will record them as well.

Another reason for the rodding chart is to know which strings (if any) have compensators. You may want that info before you take everything out.

On top of everything above, setting pedal stops is an important and often overlooked step. Mickeys video explains all this in minute detail.
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