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Author Topic:  Peavey Session 400 Limited amp problem
James Callan

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Post  Posted 9 Sep 2019 1:26 pm    
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About 5 years after I purchased my Session 400 amp (in 1992) it started to get staticky and the sound would just go off some times. At that time whenever this would happen, as a temporary remedy, I would turn the gain (volume) up all the way, attach an electric guitar to the amp input and strum the guitar real hard.The sound would suddenly pop on. I had this problem fixed once by a professional. The technician said the problem was caused by corrosion in the jack hole. He replaced the jack that was creating the problem and it worked fine. About a year later the problem started again. Since then, whenever I use this amp I do the following to alleviate the problem: besides the patch chord I am using for my pedal steel guitar or electric guitar, I insert patch chords in the other inputs on the front of the amp and it works just fine (no more static). Question: I am selling the amp and would like to fix this problem for good. Is there an easy way I can fix this by my self? I don't believe the problem is corrosion in the jacks. I have owned many amps over the years and have never experienced this problem before.
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Bill Miller

Gaspe, Quebec, Canada
Post  Posted 9 Sep 2019 4:38 pm    
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I had the same problem with the one I had. That was a long time ago but if memory serves it had to do with the type of jacks used in those amps ( switching jacks ). There probably isn't any simple solution apart from getting rid of it. I never liked the sound of mine anyways so I wasn't sad to see it go. No fond memories of that particular amp here.
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Tony Dingus

Kingsport, Tennessee, USA
Post  Posted 9 Sep 2019 6:30 pm    
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I'm having the same problem with my Nashville 112. I dropped it once and later on down the road it started doing the same thing. I hit the strings hard and it works. The preamp out works so I think it's in the power amp. I ran a Boogie pre in the power amp in and had to plug in front of the amp and hit the strings hard to bring it back.

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Larry Dering

Missouri, USA
Post  Posted 9 Sep 2019 6:41 pm    
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Try using a short jumper from preamp out to power amp in. If it works fine then the jacks are the problem. Seems most of these give trouble after a few years.
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Dennis Detweiler

Solon, Iowa, US
Post  Posted 10 Sep 2019 2:58 pm    
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The patching jacks have contact points toward the back end of the jack and these become corroded sometimes. I've used a piece of folded 400 wet/dry paper and sanded them. Sometimes some contact cleaner will get them working for a while. Molex connectors on the circuit board will be the culprit sometimes. I've also had the power transistor pins on the back of the amp chassis become loose and needed to unplug the power transistors from their sockets and crimp them.
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