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Author Topic:  National D-8
G Strout

Carabelle, Florida
Post  Posted 25 Aug 2019 12:57 pm    
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Wondering if anyone knows anything about this guitar? I have an opportunity to purchase one. The owner doesn't know anything about it. It was left to him by his Grandfather. From talking with him (he is not a music person).....the back neck is a higher than the front and it has a funny ("screw in connector) lol an amphenol.2501F Switchcraft is my guess. It doesn't seem to be set up for legs but he didn't know as he was a few hunderd miles from the guitar when we spoke. I didn't see any in the case so I am assuming not.
I will be unable to have a hands on look until tomorrow.
I am wondering if anyone can give me any info on this guitar.(ie; model number ,etc:) Hard to give a value with one picture I know, but if someone can give me any information on this guitar it would be most appreciated.

Melbert 8, Remington D8, Excel Jerry Byrd D8, Rick B6, Tremblay 6 lap steel, Marlen S-10 4&4, Benedetto Bravo, Old Gibson ES 175 , Ibanez George Benson GB10 and a bunch of old lap steels.... mostly Ricks

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Fredrick Herb

West Virginia, USA
Post  Posted 25 Aug 2019 1:03 pm    
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That case is in pretty much mint condition wish mine was that good. The only real problem I see with the guitar is that a few tuner buttons would need replaced, but thats not really a big issue. My National as well has a weaker pickup on one neck its just how they are I believe. I paid $550 for my national, and from what I've seen lately $500 seems to be pretty much the starting price. If you decide to go for it then good luck!
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Allan Revich

Victoria, Canada
Post  Posted 25 Aug 2019 4:11 pm    
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There is a bit of info in the picture. You can see it’s a National and a double 8. Tuning keys are a bit rough. My National New Yorker is from the late 30s and had a Switchcraft type connection.

Looking at the case, I’d guess that it is set up for legs, because the compartment currently full of cables and stuff looks like it was designed to hold the legs. Beyond that I got nothing, but there’s a bunch of people here that know a whole lot more than me!
Rickenbacker B7 1950, Gibson BR9 1951, Fender Champ 1957, National MOTS (Valco) 1964, Fanner 4 string ukulele lap steel.
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Mick Hearn

United Kingdom
Post  Posted 27 Aug 2019 11:44 am    
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Have a look at the serial number which is on the back near the head stock. Then look at https://steelguitarforum.com/Forum2/HTML/001156.html

You should then be able to date your guitar. Also underneath there should be leg sockets, if so ask the seller if the legs are about.

Replacement tuning buttons are available fro Stewmac.
ShoBud 6139, Remington Steelmaster D8, National D8 Console, ZB student, George Boards Lap Steel, National New Yorker.
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Andy Volk

Boston, MA
Post  Posted 27 Aug 2019 1:00 pm    
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I would say $500-600 is the range these days for this guitar. It's funny how certain instruments seem to transcend the design aesthetics of their time period and remain really cool - both visually and sonically. Others may sound great, but their look and feel just seems well, older. The minimalist look of early Fender steels has stood the test of time while with Nationals, it depends on the model.
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Paul Honeycutt

Colorado, USA
Post  Posted 31 Aug 2019 7:27 pm    
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I have one like that, a 1954 Grand Console. Mine is not in as good of shape. I paid around $400 for mine. It needed tuner buttons, but I replaced them with repro tuners with metal buttons. It needed a switch tip and rubber feet for the legs as well.

I would ask for pictures of the underside of the guitar and a close up of the serial number.
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