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Post new topic I really need some help in getting better at recording
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Author Topic:  I really need some help in getting better at recording
Al Evans

Austin, Texas, USA
Post  Posted 17 Aug 2019 5:05 pm    
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My opinion is worth what you're paying for it, but my strong preference is to sample at 192 kHz/32 bits (or whatever you can get) and capture the entire original signal. Just make sure you don't overload the input, and don't worry about how low the average signal is. You've got plenty of headroom with digital recording.

Then you can insert compression (or whatever's needed) on mixdown, and lose none of your options.

If you really want a stomp box compressor, I personally like the xotic xp (an idea I copied from Adrian Legg, who plays with effects a lot and has really good ears).

--Al Evans
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Gene Tani


The Pacific NW,
Post  Posted 2 Sep 2019 3:34 pm    
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I've seen similar posts in other acoustic instrument forums, somebody buys a $500+ mike, plugs into a Focusrite 2i2 interface and, it sounds ... bad.

I think Godfrey had the likely culprit, a weak preamp and possibly impedance mismatch (I don't know anything about the your pickup or amp), but you can search archives acoustic guitar forums to see what preamps people recommend specifically for that Baggs pickup.

A compressor's not a bad idea, i've recently been using a TC hypergravity, Duncan vicegrip and Wampler ego, all good performers except the TC developed a bad footswitch. Prior to that i had a Dyna comp and super comp, which work grea on tele's and strat's which is what a lot of people have always used them on. The next step up $ wise are the units from Earthquaker and Cali 76.

The other thing to consider, $ wise is to upgrade to Logic Pro.
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