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Post new topic I am not familar with pedal boards. Do I need one?
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Author Topic:  I am not familar with pedal boards. Do I need one?
Jim Sliff

Lawndale California, USA
Post  Posted 19 Aug 2019 9:48 am    
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George -

Hit this link to get the basic info regarding power supplies - then check their "FAQ" for extensive information about specific pedals and issues. Especially read the note about fuzz pedals, which many steel players use - some types can'y be "daisy chained"


Also read this, which explains how you power some earlier types of pedals:


The simple daisy-chain and power blocks will work with 9VDC pedals, negative tip - but adapters are required for positive tip pedals, miniplug pedals (earbud type plugs)....and AC-powered pedals will need their own wall wart.

18VDC pedals need either a powerblock with a dedicated port, a special "oltage doubler" adapter cable - or its own wall wart.

You can also simply "Google" "Effects pedal power supply types and history" and get dozens of articles explaining different types. You'll be FAR better off if you educate yourself through simple research and a LOT of reading than hit or miss bits of information by asking overly specific questions.
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Los Angeles
Post  Posted 20 Aug 2019 7:18 am    
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George: To answer your initial question, no.
Or maybe.

Lots of people have chimed in with good advice and tips.
But we sort of don't know what you want to do.
It sounds like you want to make things easier to transport, or to clean things up.

Without actually seeing your gear in person, and suggesting things and getting feedback from you, it's difficult.

There is nothing wrong with having a lot of wall warts.
And they can be incorporated into a board neatly as well.

While there have been several informative suggestions/links that are technical in nature, if you are not a technical person and have a background they probably aren't much help.

If possible, I'd suggest finding someone near you that can meet in person and help out.
And if they have a little electronics/technical background, all the better.
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George Kimery

Limestone, TN, USA
Post  Posted 23 Aug 2019 4:00 am     I am not familiar with pedal boards. Do I need one?
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I really appreciate all the help. I have carefully considered every comment. Because all my stomp boxes are not 9 volt, and one is tip negative, I have come up with a solution that works for me with what I am running. I taped all the cords together with electrical tape about every 3 inches. I then got a cable protector at Harbor Freight and ran all the cords through it, in effect, making a snake. All the cords are organized and I just have this one large cable going from my effects to the power strip and not a bunch of cables to get tangled up while transporting.
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Kevin Quick

Sacramento, Calif
Post  Posted 1 Sep 2019 5:00 pm    
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