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Author Topic:  Blues Deville 212
Casey Saulpaugh

Asheville, NC
Post  Posted 4 May 2019 11:01 am    
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Hey y'all!

I have an opportunity to try out and purchase a used Fender Blues Deville 212 that was made around 1996. Does anyone have any feedback on using this amp for pedal steel (or other instruments too)?

It seems like it's in good shape besides - 1) the input jack is noticeably loose and makes slight noise if cable is moved around forcibly near the jack.

2) The first couple of times I used the amp, there was a loud crackle/popping noise that would sound randomly every few seconds or so (the amp would still work, but the noise was loud enough to make it unplayable in any situation. The noise reminds me of the loud crackle/pop that happens when a input jack is loose on a guitar, however this seemed much louder (was louder than the actual noise made for the amp's loose input jack, and it wasn't affected by moving the cable at all - so I don't believe it is the same issue.) However, this sound went away and has not returned since then (I've played it four or five times since then), which seemed odd - the amp hadn't been used in quite awhile, if that's possibly related.

I am interested in getting it because I'd like to own an amp in my toolbox that has tubes for both the preamp and power amp stages. I know it's super loud and heavy, but I am definitely willing to make this sacrifice for the possible price, if it's worth it tonally and it is reliable enough to gig with. Having a strong low end too is important to me, as I play C6 a good bit - I'm thinking the 2 12in. speakers would be helpful for this.

Any thoughts/feedback/insights? I know there is a lot of variables going on for older tube amps as far as diagnosing problems, but am also just curious about people's thoughts in general about this amp.

Thanks y'all,
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Howard Parker

Clarksburg,MD USA
Post  Posted 4 May 2019 11:21 am    
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I have a 4X10 Blues Deville and the only thing I can tell you is as a steel amp, I was not happy with it. Too many choices that sound better, smaller, lighter, etc.

I worked on mine extensively, The jacks, pots all mount to a PCB and are not very robust. The good news is replacement parts are available and inexpensive if you need to rehab.


Howard Parker

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Tony Prior

Charlotte NC..
Post  Posted 6 May 2019 12:46 am    
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I own and use a 2x12 Hot Rod Deville, from the same era, late 1990's. Its for all practical purposes the same amp as the Blues Deville. 60 watts rated.

The loud pops means its broke, get it fixed. If it's a 96 amp and the E caps have not been changed, get them changed.

These are PC BD amps and it is also possible that something is amiss connector wise. have it checked out, clean all the connectors make sure they are seated properly.

Regarding tones and Steel use, I used mine exclusively for a decade for Steel and Guitars, double duty. It doesn't sound like a PV, it sounds like a Fender, bright and crisp. Not a ton of mid range .

While mine is sitting unused most of the time, I still say that if the gear police came to the house and said PICK ONE amp, we are confiscating the rest. I would pick the HR Deville.

I can't speak to the 4 x 10 configuration for Steel, my band mate used one for a while , but it sounds different than the 2 x 12. As it should.

The 60 watt 2 x 12 Deville is a nice upgrade from the 1 x 12 / 40 watt little brothers in that it gives a tad more headroom overall.
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Richard Nelson

Drogheda, Louth, Ireland
Post  Posted 18 May 2019 6:42 pm    
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I used one on a TV show recently as it was already set up for me. It sounded a bit harsh to me when I was playing but I knew it would cut through the mix really well. I watched the show a few days later ant it sounded great. This one was well serviced by the back line guys so it was in tip top shape. Some of them can be muddy if the valves and caps aren’t right.


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