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Author Topic:  Non-steel Peavey Amps
George Redmon

Post  Posted 10 May 2019 3:02 am    
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Old Peavey Mace or Deuce with black widows. Heavy but loud, warm, crystal clear, nice verb. Owned them both. Liked them much better over any of the cold, sterile, peavey solid state amps, with the reverbs that keep feeding back. Only Peavey solid state amp i actually enjoyed using was the old Session 400 & Original Session 500. Very Happy
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Paul McEvoy


Baltimore, USA
Post  Posted 11 May 2019 8:29 am    
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So I ended up buying a seemingly unplayed Peavey Special 112 "Teal" last night. Very clean.

Haven't really played it at all yet but tested it at the guy's house. $100

Just wondering, would I do any damage playing my bass through this thing and would it work ok as a bass amp too?

It weighs a ton. I was wondering about replacing the speaker with a Telonics speaker but it seems hard to find one to buy online? That's confusing. I also see Milkman Sound has a neo steel speaker that looks like it would work. Any suggestions?

Thanks for all the help.
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Dave Mudgett

Central Pennsylvania
Post  Posted 11 May 2019 10:11 am    
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The user manual should be one of these:

Late 80s version: https://assets.peavey.com/literature/manuals/80300957.pdf

Early 90s version: https://assets.peavey.com/literature/manuals/80301118.pdf

I think most if not all of the teal amps are the later version, but I'm not sure about that. They appear to be the same except the later version has Shift and Gain buttons on the lead channel. For either, full output of 160 Watts is for a 4 Ohm speaker, 8 Ohms gives 100 Watts.

The Scorpion speakers are cast frame and thus reasonably heavy, but not ridiculously so. I'm guessing about 12 pounds, something like that. Telonics are nice, I have two that came in an amp and cab I bought. They are not cheap, but no prices listed on Telonics website - you need to email/phone:



Specs say 7.2 pounds. Myself, I'd try the Scorpion for a while and see how it works.

I would not use this as a bass amp. Scorpion not really a bass speaker, and the open-back cab doesn't help things either. Probably OK for low-volume practice, but I wouldn't do gig volumes on bass.
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Paul McEvoy


Baltimore, USA
Post  Posted 11 May 2019 10:31 am    
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Thanks Dave. That all makes sense.
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