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Author Topic:  Presonus Studio One 4 Professional question: Manual jog/scro


Los Angeles
Post  Posted 2 Feb 2019 6:15 pm    
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I didn't want to detract from the other current topic running, so I created a new one.

Has Presonus ever implemented a function to select a track, then manually scroll/jog through the track/waveform while listening to it using either the arrow keys or the mouse wheel or other means?
This would enable you to precisely set the in/out points for punch ins and other digital editing functions.

The last time I researched this, probably more than a year ago, it was not implemented. Several others on the Presonus forums had been asking for it.

Thanks in advance.
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Tony Prior

Charlotte NC..
Post  Posted 3 Feb 2019 1:45 am    
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interesting question.

I don't think Pro Tools does this either, scrolling a track with the mouse etc... never tried.

Can you not high-lite the track, mute all other tracks , increase or decrease the meter..and GO ? You can set markers easily if need be.

You can high-lite sections of any track and perform the same functions. One thing you may try, create a 2nd or even 3rd track for your inserts rather than use the initial track. Be sure to copy the initial track, mute it, then use the copied track for you work track. High-lite and cut out the area's that you want to "FIX" or use inserts . Use a NEW track to re-record or whatever in the gaps. Cut ,record, copy, paste or slide. Don't forget to get really friendly with your GRID / Slide edit controls !

Typically my process is to use an additional track for the inserts as they don't have to be exact points, you can fine tune them ( cut) later then add them to the original track, or not. Use as many extra tracks as needed. I haven't use the punch in or insert feature in years if at all. Sometimes I use 2 or 3 tracks to build ONE track. Put the pieces that I want into ONE track at the end, grouping them.

We don't have to play the entire track, just highlight the area for playback/record. No punch in's, separate tracks .

This is a technique I picked up from retail studios over the years. Theres many ways to do this in the digital world. If there is a part of a track that requires some really ODD insert for whatever reason, take that PIECE, place it to another track and do whatever. As long as it is GRID timed ,it's still part of the initial track.

DAW"S ,probably all of them , allow for multiple punch in's on a track and then adding them to the CLIP FILE BIN. thats probably the typical routine , or maybe WAS the routine.

Adding a 2nd or 3rd track for this purpose is pretty much the same thing, just thru a different window. Personally, I don't keep re-recording clips automatically, I know if they are good or bad, I delete them as I go. I don't need a folder full of bad clips !
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Los Angeles
Post  Posted 7 Mar 2019 11:43 pm    
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Reviving a semi-old topic.........

I've been doing some Studio One research.

I came across this:
"..........SHIFT+ Scroll wheel thing. It too is great. Faster than than CtrL+ left/right arrows. But the arrows method has a slightly slower vibe to it which is is also handy for moving around in a smaller area."

Anybody familiar with this, or want to try it?

Note that I do not have Studio One (yet).
I'm doing research to see if it has some functions of my old dinosaur Tascam 788.

Link to Presonus forum post/topic:

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Los Angeles
Post  Posted 6 Apr 2019 11:17 am    
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Reviving an old topic.......

Anybody have a Presonus Faderport?

I don't know why, but I wonder if it will do this.
"This" being able to manually scroll through a track while listening to it, and being able to precisely set in/out points for punching and editing.
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Ken Metcalf

Converse Texas USA
Post  Posted 17 Apr 2019 6:08 am    
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If I enlarge a track I can click on the little arrow and click scroll along a track as it plays or or as it is not playing.
Studio One professional I can scroll with my mouse wheel.
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