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Author Topic:  Telonics Pro Audio at the 2018 SWSGA show - Mesa, Arizona
Dave Beaty

Mesa, Arizona, USA
Post Posted 7 Jan 2018 12:59 pm     Reply with quote

Telonics Pro Audio at the 2018 SWSGA SouthWestern Steel Guitar Association show – at the Hilton Pavilion Hotel (1011 W Holmes Ave, Mesa, Arizona 85210), Jan 11, 12 & 13th.

We invite everyone to visit Sophie and crew in the Telonics room at the SWSGA show later this week. Once again, Telonics will be providing steel, fiddle and bass amplifiers, pedals and other equipment for the backing bands and performers on both the main hall and non-pedal stages.

We will also be introducing the new Telonics FP-100 SuperPro pedal as we continue to evolve the technology and capabilities of our products.
(This is a new/additional model of the FP-100 pedal, not to be confused with upgrades to current pedals. It is not possible to upgrade a Standard or Pro FP-100 pedal to a SuperPro configuration.)
It is beyond the scope of a Forum posting to deal with the differences in the SuperPro design, we’ll be glad to explain these things with you at the show in the Telonics room. If you have a current FP-100 pedal which gives you all that you need, you need not consider changing to the SuperPro. If you are a super-particular steel player who is striving for the most critical control of your sound along with every last possible mechanical finesse ……that’s precisely why we designed the SuperPro pedal.

With regard to upgrades and services to current FP100 pedal models; Stacy will be available to update the firmware and the tapers in your pedal if it is not current. (The Telonics taper library currently includes eight (Cool tapers, five (5) standard and three (3) of the newer gain tapers.) We will also be glad to service and adjust any and all FP-100 pedals during the show.
(However please note that such pedals to be serviced MUST be brought to the Telonics room as early as possible Friday morning in order to assure that they can be completed by Friday evening.
This will allow sufficient time to transport them over to the Telonics laboratories and get them back to the hotel in plenty of time. If re-calibration and testing is required, our tech department atTelonics will only be open until late Friday afternoon. . Fortunately, the Telonics Laboratories are only a few miles from the hotel.)

One of our FP-100 pedals – complete with power supply and tools, will be donated to the SWSGA for raffle or auction, so be on the lookout for notices at the show – you might be the lucky person to take it home with you.

We will have all six models of the latest TCA500C Combo amplifier models available for examination and testing in the Telonics room. Dave, Sophie, Brenda, Stacy, John and Ron will be on-hand to answer questions and help you try out the latest Telonics gear.

In addition, we will have a display of rare and/or unusual vintage and unusual steel guitars and amps for examination, many of which are available for you to play. These typically include a Bigsby triple neck pedal, a beautiful TEXAN D-10, a Gibson Electraharp, a classic Emmons D-10 8-4 Push-Pull, an Infinity D-10 8+8 that ‘sings’, the very latest premium Williams D-10 8+8, a beautiful Standel 50L15 amp, a Sho-Bud “Christmas Tree” amp and other amps and instruments of interest – depending on how many Stacy and the guys can manage to move from the Telonics Labs to the show and considering the limited space in the Telonics room at the show (these old rigs are ‘heavy’!!)

Additional information at:
Sophie: 480 892-4444 Ext. 102

Last edited by Dave Beaty on 9 Jan 2018 4:01 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Travis Toy

Nashville, TN, USA
Post Posted 7 Jan 2018 5:07 pm     Reply with quote

Hey Dave! Just booked some last minute flights to the show. I'm intrigued. What's the SuperPro pedal?

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Slim Heilpern

Aptos California, USA
Post Posted 8 Jan 2018 6:57 am     Reply with quote


But before I pack my FP-100C for the flight, any info on why one might want to update this already terrific pedal would be greatly appreciated.

What will change?


- Slim.
Chromatic Harmonica, Guitar, and (lately) Pedal Steel (Williams U12 Series 700, Emmons lap)
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Dave Beaty

Mesa, Arizona, USA
Post Posted 9 Jan 2018 4:04 pm     Updated post Reply with quote

Sorry for any confusion in the earlier post, it has been updated.
The crew and I are preparing to leave for the show - see you there!

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Bob Case

Grand Junction, Colorado, USA
Post Posted 16 Jan 2018 3:58 pm     Reply with quote

It was great to see you guys and be able to play a bit in the Telonics room. Always a pleasure!
See you in Dallas.
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Chuck S. Lettes

Denver, Colorado
Post Posted 16 Jan 2018 5:53 pm     Reply with quote

Hi Dave-those amps sounded great on the Main Stage and in the Non-Pedal Room. Thanks for all that you do for us.
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Dave Beaty

Mesa, Arizona, USA
Post Posted 16 Jan 2018 6:10 pm     Thanks to you Reply with quote

Bob and Chuck, the pleasure is entirely ours - we're glad to help in any way we can.
You great players make the show, and your sound was awesome!
Can't wait for the TSGA show in Texas - only a few weeks now.

Best wishes from Dave, Sophie, Stacy, Brenda, Amber, Ron, John and the Telonics crew
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Christopher Woitach

Portland, Oregon, USA
Post Posted 17 Jan 2018 3:34 pm     Reply with quote

The extraordinary help you gave me in Phoenix - setting aside an amp for me with a “do not change the settings - Christopher Woitach” sign, helping me set up... I am amazed that you would take so much trouble, and it made me so much more comfortable when it was time to play!

You know I’m a Telonics fan for life due to the excellent products you build, but now I’m probably one in the afterlife too!

Thanks to all of you - and Dave, I really do always read the manual!!!!!!
Christopher Woitach
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David Wright

Pilot Point ,Tx USA.
Post Posted 17 Jan 2018 4:16 pm     Reply with quote

A big Thank You to Dave and all the Guys and Girls that make the very best steel Amps + pedals + pickups ..
I never leave home without them.

M.S.A.on Facebook.
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Pete Burak

Portland, OR USA
Post Posted 18 Jan 2018 9:47 am     Reply with quote

I too wanted to say thanks to Telonics for having a great Demo Room with alot of fun pickin' and grinnin' going on all weekend.
Thanks especially for the yummy Oranges that you guys put out for everyone (I enjoyed one or two per day).
And I am also a fan of your big bowl of Mint Life-Savers!!! (I had to direct a few "close-talkers" to that bowl Smile ).
Oh, I like your Volume Pedal, too! I don't have a Telonics Amp yet but they sounded great all weekend.
Thanks! Very Happy
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Paddy Long

Christchurch, New Zealand
Post Posted 20 Jan 2018 1:08 pm     Reply with quote

Pete do you ever get to the Dallas show ? be good to catch up with ya after all these years :-}

Get a TCA500 mate, your world will be complete hehe...
14'Zumsteel Hybrid D10 9+9
08'Zumsteel Hybrid D10 9+9
86' MCI Rangexpander D10 9+8
Beard MA6 Reso, 72 Gretsch Chet Atkins Nashville, Tomkins B-Bender Tele, Taylor T5, Telonics, Peterson, Steelers Choice, Steel Seat, Red Dirt Cases.
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