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Author Topic:  New Jimmie Hudson 10 string lap steel
Tom Cooper

Orlando, Fl
Post Posted 4 Dec 2017 7:10 pm     Reply with quote

Finally own a 10 string lap! Been wanting to move to single 10 for a while. A bit of adjusting, but going well. This thing is crazy fun to play. Can't take my hands off it. Jimmy really set me up good!
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Joe Elk

Ohio, USA
Post Posted 4 Dec 2017 7:56 pm     Reply with quote

Very nice How do you have it tuned?
Joe Elk Central Ohio
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Tom Cooper

Orlando, Fl
Post Posted 5 Dec 2017 2:23 am     10 string Reply with quote

L to H: B D E F# G# B C# E G# F#

Kind of Don Helms/Tom Morrell/E9 pedal steel tuning. I switched the top 2 strings of the Morrell tuning, cranked up low E to B. Familiar pedal steel grips, plus 6th chord familiar slants,etc. Just getting to know it. Jimmie was so great to work with. He gave me what I asked for and more. I would love to try one of his pedal steels one day. My main band is a non pedal gig, so that is why I am so into this one. Wanted to get away fro D8 and travel lighter. So far really liking this tuning. Want to really get into it and learn it.
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Tom Cooper

Orlando, Fl
Post Posted 5 Dec 2017 2:56 am     Lap steel Reply with quote

I am having lots of fun getting to know this steel. I didn't really know the George L E66 at all, I kind of just went with what he had, figured I could change later if I didn't like. E66 on this steel was neat surprise. I didn't even know it was a humbucker. Jimmie says he wired it to sound like single coil but still hav humbucker quality. I love the smooth top end, and warm sound. Through LTD 400 it is really nice. I have EP booster set on vintage to beef up low end. Been wanting to try a humbucker on steel. I do lots of live work so will be nice. Also Jimmie said neck has chamber in it for vibration/sustain. Had to get used to wider string spacing at first, but it really feels nice. I think it is 24 scale. 3/8 spacing. Heard E66 on Remmington D8 and it sounds just like a steel should. Never thought I would like a humbucker. With the bright maple, and high E13 tuning it is really nice.
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Nicholas Ackron

Daytona Beach
Post Posted 7 Dec 2017 6:14 am     Reply with quote

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Andy De Paule

Saigon, Viet Nam & Eugene, Oregon
Post Posted 8 Dec 2017 5:44 am     Great Tuning Reply with quote

Many years ago, about 1976 I had the exact same tuning on my first PSG. It was an S-10 Sho Bud with 6&1 and I kind of thought of it as a combination 6th & 9th tuning.

After that I went to a Sho Bud crossover with 7&1, converted it to a non-crossover with 7&4 and never got back to that tuning.

Now have a T-8 on order from Todd Clinesmith and thinking of going back to that on the middle neck and later adding a couple of E9th pedals to it.
But yea, theres a lot of stuff you can do in that without a pedal. Very Happy Laughing

Oh yes, and terrific looking steel too.
He does some very cool things at very reasonable prices.
Great guy. Smile
Custom inlaid Star Guitar 2006 by Mark Giles. SD-10 4+5 in E9th.
Promat #11 2007, D-10 Blond & Mahogany with Gold Tuners. Killer Tone Monster.
Todd Clinesmith Joaquin Murphy style Aluminum 8 String Lap Steel.
New Mullen SD-10, G2 5&5 All Polished Aluminum including covering.
1960 Wright S-10 Cable PSG
Todd Clinesmith T-8 Console Ordered.
Korean D'Angelico EX-SS Electric Single Cutaway. Great guitar.
Fender re-issue in C6th and a Morrell 8 string lap steel in E13th. Resophonic by Edwin Root.
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