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Author Topic:  Anyone use Blues Deluxe amp for steel?
Craig Bailey

Alabama, USA
Post Posted 10 Nov 2017 2:14 pm     Reply with quote

Anyone use the Blues Deluxe amp for steel? If so, what setting do you use?

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James Collett

San Dimas, CA
Post Posted 10 Nov 2017 2:38 pm     Reply with quote

Yes, I do. I did the tone stack mod to get a little more control over the midrange on the amp, which I find to be pretty strong. This is listed as for the Blues Jr., but the tone stack is identical, to my knowledge. Took me more time to loosen/tighten the screws than it did to do the actual mod. With the mod, using the clean channel:

Input: 2 (input 1 breaks up too much for clean-ish steel)
Bright Switch: Out (off)
Volume: anywhere above 3
Treble: 3.5 to 5
Mid: 2.5 to 4
Bass: 5 to 7
Reverb: 3 to 4
Presence: 7

Without the mod, I was running similar settings, but cutting the mid sound to around 1.5. It sounded good that way, but was still slightly mid-heavy with my Sho-Bud. With the tone stack mod, the sound is truly excellent, in my opinion. Much more classic Fender, but still with the ability to get those hot mids back if you want them.
James Collett
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Craig Bailey

Alabama, USA
Post Posted 10 Nov 2017 2:59 pm     Reply with quote

Awesome James! Thanks for sharing. I will try that mod
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robert kramer

Nashville TN
Post Posted 11 Nov 2017 10:58 am     Reply with quote

Blues Deluxe w/ D-130:
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Tony Prior

Charlotte NC..
Post Posted 12 Nov 2017 5:42 am     Reply with quote

yes, sure. I currently use a Blues Deluxe and have previously used the Hot Rod Deluxe for many years. ( 2 different ones) Each had the stock Fender Eminence 12" speaker. ( Gold Label) The Blues Deluxe and HR Deluxe are for all practical purposes the same 40 watt amp chassis. The HR has an added drive circuit called amazingly "More Drive" !

It's hard to say what settings are used as Steels are not the same and pickups are not the same.

I lean heavy toward the bottom end ( more than half) very light on the mids ( less than half) and medium ( half) on the highs. Presence can be near zero. I have two different Emmons guitars, P Pull and Legrande II, the settings are a tad different for each. Close , but not the same.

These amps can get bright and shrill easily if you don't pay attention, but they are easily tamed. Very workable on a gig or in studio.

These are excellent medium duty amps as well as studio amps, they don't sound anything like PV's . Don't push them , they will break up, and they are supposed to . Don't try to get more headroom from speakers and tubes, you may get a tad but this is a 40 watt designed 6L6 amp and it's sweet spot is near 3 or 4 on the V knob. IF you need more headroom get a Deville 60 watter !

The rest of the story is they are great guitar amps.

This 40 watt series, Blues Deluxe and HR Deluxe is Fenders #1 selling amp of all time. Very Happy
<b>Steel Guitar music here >>></b>

Emmons Steels, Fender Telecasters
Pro Tools 8 and Pro Tools 12
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