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Post new topic settings for boss ch1 chorus pedal
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Author Topic:  settings for boss ch1 chorus pedal
Terry Pendlay

Illinois, USA
Post Posted 21 Sep 2017 1:52 pm     Reply with quote

what are good settings for a boss ch1 chorus for steel?
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Jerry Overstreet

Louisville Ky
Post Posted 21 Sep 2017 8:45 pm     Reply with quote

If you're just using it in mono into one amp or one speaker, you probably need to use a small amount of depth, or detune, for best results. If stereo, you can increase it. In my stereo rigs, I only use chorus on one side lightly, say about 20-30% rate and maybe 30-40 depth on a few programmed patches.

I found this demo on YT. It's on guitar, but it should be OK for steel too.

For your unit, I would start with all the controls straight up and add rate and depth as necessary for the desired amount of chorusing effect.

I have a little book of Boss effects guide here that shows some popular settings for guitar. This guide may still be on their website but I didn't look.

The idea is to add just a touch of de-tune to thicken up your sound and when used sparingly works pretty well to add dimension to your sound for certain songs and situations.

Best of luck!
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Per Berner

Skövde, Sweden
Post Posted 21 Sep 2017 10:15 pm     Reply with quote

A good chorus setting for steel is "OFF". Winking

Works perfectly with every single brand of chorus pedal on the market!
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Jerry Overstreet

Louisville Ky
Post Posted 21 Sep 2017 11:50 pm     Reply with quote

Yeah, that's real helpful Per.
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Godfrey Arthur

Post Posted 22 Sep 2017 6:06 pm     Reply with quote

If you're wanting to get just a hint of chorus (detuned doubling) you might want to start with min rate, and min depth, then fiddle with the EQ to find a desired frequency notch of the effect that sounds good across the string range of your guitar and the E Level which should be the amount of dry to effect balance.

Once you get a tone, then try increasing the rate and depth to see what you like or don't like.


Start with E Level and EQ at the 12 o'clock position and then the rate and depth at "min."

Adjust the E Level by sweeping from minimum to max slowly while playing your guitar through each E Level change. When you get something useful, move on to the EQ knob and do the same sweep test until you get something useful.

Using pedals with many knobs involves mentally storing where each knob setting is, being able to recall that in your head, in order to then move any of the knobs so that you understand what effects what and why. Like juggling 4 tennis balls.

You've got to know where every ball is all the time.

Sometimes just plugging through a pedal with the pedal effect "off" adds an effect too as some studio producers will plug into a piece of gear but not turn on the effect, just the mere fact that the device is in the chain adds something, however subtle. Has something to do with the input/output circuitry and it's mostly serendipity.

Not every effect pedal provides proper results just because it has the effect name written on it and Boss has several chorus pedals. They all sound different.

Which is reason some have their pedals modded to adjust the depth and rate some searching for a "glacier" speed sense or a different EQ notch out of the pedal rather than the factory settings which goes from zero to one instead of zero to one-half, if they don't just choose something else to use.

When you get the sound you like, mark the settings with tape and a marker pen or put on one of those lock knobs.

You might want to try a Boss EH-2 too along with your CH-1. It's not a chorus but it does subtly add brightness and a shimmer. Its a mystery pedal. After you play through one and then turn it off, you see what it does.

I've been experimenting lately with the EH-2 on my psg and it adds sparkle. The FREQ sweep allows for tone selection by selecting the cut-off frequency, modifying the high frequency harmonics.

The SENS (Sensitivity) knob will determine how much of the chosen frequency band will be affected.

The LED by the SENS knob will give a visual feedback of how much the frequency band is being affected and for how long almost like a compressor attack and release time amount.

These were made in the 1990's and are out of production ending in 1997 but you can find them on eBay.

I am also using chorus and delay with psg after the EH-2. It helps the chorus and delay if the frequencies are there prior to chorus and delay.

Not for the faint of heart. Been experimenting with this chain lately going into a Digitech RP50.

Like your setting on your analog pedals?

These lock knobs allow adjustment while protecting the desired settings at the same time.

There are the Madmax Thunderdome knob locks types too.

This will work.

Of course this works too.
From the Bronx via Manila
ShoBud The Pro 1
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