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Author Topic:  What does your Racks contain
Don Kuhn

Poetry ,Texas, USA
Post Posted 26 Aug 2017 10:56 am     Reply with quote

What do you steeler's have in your racks
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Ray DeVoe

Spring Hill, FL
Post Posted 26 Aug 2017 4:37 pm     rack equipment Reply with quote

My rack equipment is very simple but terrific sounding. The octal tube Revelation is the "Cadillac" of tube preamps.

Sarno Octal tube Revelation preamp

Sarno Classic preamp

I use TC Furlong powered speaker cabinets with the above.

Furlong 15" Split with JBL K 130

Furlong 12" Splits with weighted cone speaker

1968 & 1973 Emmons D 10 P.P,s: 1980 & 1982 Emmons SD 10 P.P.s:
Sarno - Octal Revelation & Classic Preamps.: Furlong 12" & 15" Splits.
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Carl Kilmer

East Central, Illinois
Post Posted 28 Aug 2017 5:36 am     Reply with quote

Both of mine have a Walker Stereo Steel amp.
One has a Lexicon MX300 the other a MX400.
aka "Lucky Kay"--Red Mullen RP/G2 SD10 4X5, ,2 Walker S/S, NV-112, and Hilton Pedal
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Dennis Detweiler

Solon, Iowa, US
Post Posted 28 Aug 2017 8:27 am     Reply with quote

Revelation, TC Electronic M350 for delay and reverb, Carvin HT400 stereo power amp.
1976 Birdseye U-12 MSA with Telonics 427 pickup, 1982 U-12 Zum with Truetone pickup wound 18K, Revelation Preamp, TC Electronic M-350 Processor, Carvin HT 400 Stereo Rack Head, 15" Eminence EPS-15C, ShoBud Pedal, 1949 Epiphone D-8. And, too much extra gear.
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Lyle Dent

Little Rock ,Arkansas
Post Posted 28 Aug 2017 10:25 am     Reply with quote

Telonics 128AW> SGBB>FP-100>Sarno V8 Octal Preamp>ProfexII>Mosvalve 500> Telonics 12 and 15 speakers. I have found this works great for steel,fiddle, and banjo!

Mullen G2 SD-12 ,Mullen PRP S-12 BMI S-12, Stelling Top Tension, Zeta Violin, V8 octal, SGBB ,Profex2 Mosvalve 1500 , FP-100B, BJS Bars, LiveSteelStrings,Steelers Choice Seat.
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Danny Letz

Old Glory,Texas, USA 79540
Post Posted 28 Aug 2017 4:13 pm     Reply with quote

My reason for using rack systems is a ruptured disk in my back between L4 and L5. I have one system with a Sarno Classic and a Stewart PA 200 power amp. I use a Black Box on the floor. I also have a Sarno V8 and a Black Box mounted on a rack shelf with a Stewart PA 200 in another slot. Have to use a Neabauer Wet Reverb pedal with that. I play them mostly thru a Eminence ESP 15 C speaker. Both of these racks play out real nice. The only problem is that now instead of 3 trips to the car to unload, it takes 5 or 6. Exercise is good for you.
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Paddy Long

Christchurch, New Zealand
Post Posted 28 Aug 2017 4:16 pm     Reply with quote

Telonics PA4200 Stereo power amp, Telonics Pre1000 Preamp, Lexicon MX300, Petersen Stroborack tuner - into 2 x Telonics 15" speaker cabs

14'Zumsteel Hybrid D10 9+9
08'Zumsteel Hybrid D10 9+9
86' MCI Rangexpander D10 9+8
Beard MA6 Reso, 72 Gretsch Chet Atkins Nashville, Tomkins B-Bender Tele, Taylor T5, Telonics, Peterson, Steelers Choice, Steel Seat, Red Dirt Cases.
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Erv Niehaus

Litchfield, MN, USA
Post Posted 1 Sep 2017 8:24 am     Reply with quote

This is my rack setup:

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Tony Glassman

The Great Northwest
Post Posted 1 Sep 2017 8:53 am     Reply with quote

Quilter Steelaire head w/ 2 x 12 (Eminence TT-12) cabinet
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Dale Rottacker

Tacoma Washington, USA
Post Posted 1 Sep 2017 9:06 am     Reply with quote

I don’t actually have 2 Lexicon MPX 1’s in the rack anymore... I keep the 2nd one in a smaller go Rack, and I’ll grab the Stroborack then too, if I’m just going to go and play through an amp... The set-up in this picture is what I use at home for playing and recording.

Dale Rottacker, Steelinatune

*2016 MSA Legend XL Signature 9x6
*1990 Jim Lindsey Special, Quad Original Bill Lawrence 705 PUP’s, 8x8 Gary Hogue Clone
*Black n Gray, Mullen D-10 8x7/ *Blue Sho-Bud Pro 3 Custom 8x6/ *Black Sho-Bud Pro 3 Custom 8x4
*Sho-Bud Maverick 3x1/ *Fender 400
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Steve Sycamore

Post Posted 10 Sep 2017 6:13 am     Reply with quote

I'm 100% satisfied with the sound from my modified Nashville 400 with no effects at all. But this alternate circuit going direct to console is very useful and flexible for recording or writing.

The Blend control of the PRE-1000 is brilliant. My default sound is lively and aggressive near 0 on the Blend control. A quarter turn left gives a beautiful mellower tone. I'm thinking of rewiring the foot pedal and relay for the Bro effect to switch the Blend control on and off instead.

The SPL gives as much tube style gain as I'd ever want with no distortion, noise or tone deterioration. Vastly superior to a compressor in my opinion. It takes some time to tailor the multi-band EQ for each instrument. Raising or lowering the volume of each band either removes things that detract from the tone or enhances it. The end result profoundly enhances both the tone and feel of the instrument.

The Telonics reverb is excellent sounding but somehow incomplete and output is only in mono. The Demeter reverb for guitar or pedal steel is breathtakingly beautiful, especially in stereo.

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