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Post new topic Anyone used Rick Kornacker/Stepping Stone Lesson Materials?
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Author Topic:  Anyone used Rick Kornacker/Stepping Stone Lesson Materials?
Jim Fogarty

Phila, Pa, USA
Post Posted 5 May 2017 7:48 pm     Reply with quote

Saw these on eBay, and some of the courses seemed real interesting, if a little short on details.

Has anyone used any of these materials? Recommended or no (feel free to PM, if you don't want to say anything publicly). What's the basic format? A guy at his steel, showing licks.....or?

Just curious. Thanks!
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steve takacs

beijing, china via pittsburgh
Post Posted 6 May 2017 4:33 am     I use Rick's courses Reply with quote

I have a number of Rick's courses and find them useful for beginning and intermediate players in particular. Many deal with one tune and other with subjects such as "Getting C6th on E9 tuning" etc. They include both tab and Rick talking you through the material. I usually spend at least several sessions on each lesson.

Check the explanation of what is in each course for those listed on EBay to get an idea what each involves. Buy a couple and see for yourself. Also, for $12 a lesson they won't break the bank.

For his "E-Z C6th" course he has wriitten this for the contents:

"More E-Z C6th"...the essential "part two" to our very successful "C6th Made E-Z" course. This course includes diagrams and demonstrations of the major C6th chord "groups", in the "open" position as well as how each of the floor pedals and knee levers affect the tuning. Also covers various "harmonic" scales as well as "raking" and "arpeggio" techniques. Then on to useful turnarounds and phrases. Some big and colorful chord sounds that will help you to cover the jazzier and swingin' tunes you may care to learn and play. Will get you up and running on that "back neck"...not hard..just a different approach! Includes full tablature and CD(approx. 80 min. run time)."

He has this instrumental course in E 9th of Sleepwalk and Nighlife:

"Two "iconic" tunes for pedal steel guitar in one set. "Sleepwalk", originally cut on lapsteel in the '50's, is faithfully adapted for E9 pedal steel. Same alluring, haunting melody..with pedal moves to boot. And, "Nightlife", usually heard on the C6th tuning really comes to life on E9th..all the nice passing chords and more. Includes demo track and "play-along-track" plus a talk and tips audio section to explain key techniques, etc. And, of course, full easy to follow tablature for each tune. Recovered from some "lost files" I'm pleased to have them again to make available to you. Teaching by Rick Kornacker...from Stepping Stone Steel ! Thanks for looking."

I believe Rick has many others courses not listed on EBay, perhaps 40 or so. Steve t

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Justin Mills

South Carolina, USA
Post Posted 6 May 2017 5:15 am     Reply with quote

i agree with the above, i have a lot of his material. the chord boards were very helpful when i first started for e9 & c6, the c6 material is great also. its worth the buy.
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Paul Wade

Post Posted 6 May 2017 5:57 am     Anyone used Rick Kornacker/Stepping Stone Lesson Materials? Reply with quote

i have used rick's lessons a lot thru the years. rick used play up in Wisconsin and i used to go see him a lot
great player and a great guy to do lessons with

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steve takacs

beijing, china via pittsburgh
Post Posted 6 May 2017 6:31 am     Songs by Rick & 2 courses exercises, scales, chromatics etc Reply with quote

Here are a few of the songs Rick offers that go anywhere from 3 to 8 pages
Life Number Nine
Working on myNext Broken Heart
Take Another Little Piece of My Heart
The Heart t That You own
Summertime Blues
Living on Love
Blame it on Your Heart
I Don't Even Know Your Name
Don't Rock the Jukebox
Yard Sale
Half Way Down
Is it Cold in Here
Your Man
Why Don't You Just Crash Here Tonight
When Did You Stop Loving Me
Old Enough to know Better
Check Yes or No
Counterpoint and More

Deep Water
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Danny Letz

Old Glory,Texas, USA 79540
Post Posted 6 May 2017 4:17 pm     Reply with quote

I bought a few and enjoyed and learned from them. However, I always wished they would have had some tracks with, them.
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Rick Kornacker

Dixon Springs, Tennessee, USA
Post Posted 7 May 2017 7:14 am     I'm flattered...thanks guys! Reply with quote

Just noticed and read through this "thread". Nice to hear from everyone, many that I have met or gotten to know via the "Forum" over the years. Some of you know me thru my connection with Jeff Newman(my father-in-law for many years). He definitely inspired my playing and teaching in some unexpected ways. Ideas for my own courses were designed to "compliment" a lot of the basics that he instilled in many of us. Anyone that may have ???'s about my offerings can feel free to contact me via the "Forum" PM(or Ebay). Thanks again...hope all of you are well...and playin' gooooood! Respectfully submitted, RK
"think LESS"
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Stuart Legg

Post Posted 15 May 2017 9:32 am     Reply with quote

Rick I have almost all of your tab. Wish you would tab out Allen Jackson's "Remember When"
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