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Post new topic Does any mfg. make reel to reel recorders?
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Author Topic:  Does any mfg. make reel to reel recorders?
Len Amaral

Rehoboth,MA 02769
Post  Posted 1 May 2017 6:20 pm    
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Tried doing a search on anyone making real to reel recorders. I use to have a Teac 3340 four track that used 1/4 inch tape. Pretty nifty for the time around 1975.
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Tony Prior

Charlotte NC..
Post  Posted 2 May 2017 1:42 am    
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Bring a lot of pennies, I think they start at $6500 !

search REEL to REEL Tape recorder
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Jack Stoner

Inverness, Fl
Post  Posted 2 May 2017 2:47 am    
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There is a current thread on the gearslutz forum about new tape machines. Seems a good refurb is mostly what is available according to that thread.

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Len Amaral

Rehoboth,MA 02769
Post  Posted 2 May 2017 5:26 pm    
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Some interesting info on refurbished reel to real recorders. Seems like the technicians capable of working on these recorders are scarce and a dying breed in this digital age. The resurgence of tape interest may bring a new market for reel to reel recorders.
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Ken Lang

Simi Valley, Ca
Post  Posted 5 Jul 2017 4:38 pm    
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I purchased one about 8 months ago, used, AND thru Paypal.
Turns out it was never delivered, the guy was sure he had it in his truck. After several weeks I finally got my money back from Paypal.
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Godfrey Arthur

Post  Posted 18 Jul 2017 5:58 am    
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I used to have one of those Simul-synch jobby Teacs.

Tape is still being used for mastering houses and record companies still submitting masters on tape.

There are some serious tape techs out there and tape is still available.

Jeff Jacobs from J-Corder hops up Technics recorders.

This is about $1400.

I like Revox for a two track.

But the Ampex Atr series are the more pro.

I think they're still using Ampex Atr's and the like over at Ludwig's mastering facility for masters refurbed by Mike Spitz (dec) of Atr services.

Ampex Atr-102 mastering mixdown 2-track 1/4 inch tape.

Some producers have used the recorder's electronics to run a mix through just to get that vintage sound without running tape through the transports.

Neve makes a device that is supposed to mimmick tape sound.

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Bill Fortenberry

Georgia/Alabama, USA
Post  Posted 21 Dec 2018 8:27 am    
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These folks do good work:

Same building as Welcome to 1979 in Nashville.
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Brian Christiano

Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Post  Posted 26 Dec 2018 7:45 pm     Tapes for sale
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I finally sold my TEAC 10" with some tapes to a guy who worked on them. I couldn't find a reasonable or reliable repair shop. I still have about 11 unopened 7" reels if anyone is interested.
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