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Post new topic Are you getting better or worse now ?
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Author Topic:  Are you getting better or worse now ?
Alan Brookes

Brummy living in the San Francisco Bay Area
Post Posted 6 May 2017 3:36 pm     Reply with quote
The subject of the adverse effects of statins is such an important issue, of which many will not be aware, that I decided to start a new discussion just on the effects of statins. I've copied all the quotes so far into the new post, which I hope no-one will mind.

By the way, I've now stopped taking statins and I already feel like I have more muscle strength in by knees and ankles. I hope it's not just psychosematic.
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David Rupert

Mesa, Arizona (via Mahopac, NY & Missouri).
Post Posted 18 Nov 2017 7:57 am     Very depressing. Reply with quote

Well, lucky me. I started getting serious signs of peripheral neuropathy, around 2 months ago. It's affecting my playing in a big way, definitely not for the better. Some days I play pretty good......other days, like today, not at all. It's really a bummer, to not being able to play to your full potential. This getting old thing gets scarier every day.
Anyone else have this terrible condition? I need to see specialists, as soon as possible.
David "DJ" Rupert

"Music. Without it, life itself...would be impossible."

ZumSteel - Encore™ S-10 / 3p x 5k (Two-Tone; Red & Black Top).
Roland™ Cube 80x Amp, Hilton Volume Pedal, TC Electronics™ Flashback™ Delay, TC Electronics™ MojoMojo™ Overdrive, Peterson StroboPlus HD Tuner, D2F Covers. Evans JE-300 Amp. (in the not too distant future).

Most Importantly: the musicians hands...& soul.
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Bruce Bjork

Southern Coast of Maine
Post Posted 18 Nov 2017 9:39 am     Reply with quote

I"m 70, playing guitar since early 60's, banjo and dobro for 25 plus, pedal steel five months. I think my playing is the best it's ever been. I attribute that to taking up a volunteer teaching gig two years ago, my musical abilities have improved because of teaching.
Banjo, Dobro, Guitar, Justice Pro Lite 3x5
"Use the talents you possess; the woods would be very silent indeed if no birds sang but the best"
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David Mitchell

Texas, USA
Post Posted 18 Nov 2017 2:55 pm     Reply with quote

I think it all has to do with what players think better is. For some people they think faster is better but I don't think it's better if it's sloppy. More licks is impressive but that's not what I think is better. I believe better is learning to speak with your instrument if it's nothing but 3 whole notes. You don't have to be in maximum shape to do that but you do have to log years of playing time to reach that level. Some use to say Floyd Cramer could say more with 3 notes than most could through the whole song and I agree and I know what they mean.
I was just thinking about this same subject yesterday and thought about the career of Lloyd Green and how his playing has matured over the years. I can copy pretty much everything he played and his tone of his first 10 years of sessions in Nashville. Pretty straight forward stuff but vary tasty. Lloyd has always been tasty just playing simple stuff. But today I can not begin to play the first 4 bars of his performance because he puts so much into. He grew into a monster over the years. He's mastered the instrument.
I bet if you brought him on stage with 2 broke arms, 2 broke legs and a concussion he could still bring tears to a glass eye. Time and lots of playing did it as well as being a musical genius to begin with.
Emmons PP 8/10, Sho-Bud Pro ll 8/4, ZB Custom 8/4, MSA Classic 10/10, Fender 2000 10/2, Fender SF Quad Reverb, Fender BF Super Reverb, Fender Super Twin, Fender BF Vibroclone, Peavy Nashville 400, Peavy Nashville 1000, Peavy Session 400, Peavy Artist VT, Sho-Bud Christmas Tree
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David Cubbedge

Toledo,Ohio, USA
Post Posted 20 Nov 2017 9:33 am     Reply with quote

Well, I'm 62 and since I was never a top-notch player anyway but a self-taught guy with a lot of bad habits, I actually feel my playing has improved a bit, especially since buying the D10 four years ago. I will admit that playing out has become much more difficult - it seems when I do a gig it takes about three days to recover, and I'm not a drinker or smoker. I am planning on checking out the Paul Franklin method - maybe that'll help with some of those bad habits....
Red Emmons D10 fatback #2246D with sweet Hugh Briley split cases, Black Emmons S10 #1466S, '73 Fender "Snakeskin" Twin Reverb, Peavey Nashville 400, Line 6 Pod XT, Fender 400, Fender Stringmaster Double-8, too many guitars, one bass!
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Kevin Fix

Michigan, USA
Post Posted 20 Nov 2017 6:14 pm     Still Picking Reply with quote

I am 64 now not getting worse. Holding my own but I notice on some songs that have a very fest tempo I have my limits there now. I play along with some semi fast tunes to keep up my chops. I know if I don't do this that the fingers seem to get a little lacked.
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Duane Dunard

Troy, MO. U.S.A.
Post Posted 21 Nov 2017 5:29 am     Reply with quote

Turned 71 last month and playing better. Never was a good speed picker, but not too shabby when backing up the singers. Also, having an open mind about newer style country music gets me a lot of gigs with young, very talented musicians who appreciate having a steel player on stage. Life is good.
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