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Author Topic:  New Computer?
Dennis Manuel

Hixon, B.C., Canada
Post  Posted 7 Feb 2017 2:37 pm    
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Over the years I have bought BIAB for Mac. I am in need of a new computer and thinking about switching from Mac to a Windows laptop because of the price difference. Mac computers just seem to be overpriced. What are your thoughts?
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Jack Stoner

Inverness, Fl
Post  Posted 7 Feb 2017 4:07 pm    
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I have an iPhone and iPad but use Windows PC's. MAC's are several times more for equivalent hardware. I've noticed some activity on a couple of threads about users moving from MAC to Windows on the gearslutz recording forum.

There are those that think Microsoft outdid Apple with Windows 10.

I have Cakewalk Sonar DAW (Recording studio program) that is only Windows right now (they are working on a MAC version that was supposed to be in Beta last fall but a Beta has yet to be released).

I also have BIAB. If you buy a Windows PC check with PGMusic, they may allow you to download a Windows version.
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Richard Smelker

Winters.Texas, USA
Post  Posted 8 Feb 2017 10:44 am    
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I just bought a Windows 10 laptop and loaded BIAB 2016 on it. It is working great!
Richard Smelker
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Greg Cutshaw

Corry, PA, USA
Post  Posted 8 Feb 2017 11:57 am    
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I have a 5 year old PC with 6GB of RAM running the latest full BIAB package including RealTracks with no problems whatsoever. I also have a MacBook Pro with retina display that I love because it's light, thin and powers up in 15 seconds or 5 seconds after waking up. I've had no problem running both types of PC's but like you have run all the big music apps on a large screen lower cost generic PC.
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Jim Smerk

Ohio, USA
Post  Posted 8 Feb 2017 6:32 pm    
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Dennis Manuel wrote:
What are your thoughts?

IMHO PC's are a much better deal, HARDWARE-WISE! But software wise I think that , at this time, the only OS that MIGHT be a little behind is Linux...and that is such a narrow gap that it is almost nill.

BiaB 2014 ran fine under Wine on Debian for me, a little slower than on Win or Mac, but fully usable.

Again, IMHO, for the price of a newer Mac you could build a fantastically powerful system that would be the equivalent of a super computer when side by side with the Mac.

Remember that this is a IMHO, YMMV, yada yada type of post....no insult or flame war intended at all!
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Lyle Bradford

Gilbert WV USA
Post  Posted 13 Feb 2017 8:45 pm    
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I just had to get a new computer today with WIN10 on it. It is ok that I don't hook to an ISP after I register the computer and just use it for the Biab and other programs I have for music?
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