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Author Topic:  Scotty's International Steel Guitar Convention 2016
Michael Scott

St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 8:47 am     Reply with quote

The past several months have provided a series of ups and downs in the life of the Scott family. The passing of our father has been a blow that continues to be difficult. We have been searching for a way to continue the legacy of one of the greatest gifts to the steel guitar world – Scotty’s Convention. From the very first show the legacy was kept alive by the labor of many people with the heart of Scotty beating life into the wonderful collection of steel guitar talent. However, our efforts to keep the spirit alive have failed in that we cannot secure funding to run the show. Without funding we are sad to announce that we must cancel Scotty’s International Steel Guitar Convention for 2016.

Scotty had his first steel show in 1968. The Scott family provided the muscle and manpower under the guidance of Scotty and just plain made it happen. We were all very young and none of us knew that this show was the beginning of a long run of steel music. Two more years of putting on the small shows finally gave way to the graduation to a full blown convention.

The Scott family always found a way to bring together just about the right amount of “elbow grease” to make the show a pleasant affair for the fans that come to enjoy year after year. Scotty often said that sometimes we had more luck than sense but we always made it work. That enthusiasm to make it work came directly from Scotty and his relentless passion for the music of the steel guitar. The Scott family actually grew up around the convention as evidenced that we had four generations of Scott’s working the show.

Of course there was the Scott extended family. This extension was comprised of musicians, friends and friends of friends that just wanted to be part of one the greatest shows around. The week before the convention was always festive in nature. Old friends became house guests and new friends learned how to sleep on the floor anywhere in the Scott house.

For 44 years it has been our pleasure to present the greatest steel guitar music to the best music fans on earth. We will be grateful to the end of our days that we spent a good portion of our lives with you, fellow fans of the steel guitar. Our lives are better that you are part of it. Thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts.

The Scott family
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Jim Cohen

Philadelphia, PA
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 9:18 am     Reply with quote

Michael, Mary and family:

The Steel Guitar world owes the extended Scott Family a huge debt of gratitude for all that Scotty and all of you have done and have meant to us for over 40 years. Scotty's passing was a huge blow and I know you have all tried to cope simultaneously with this personal loss as well as its implications for the ISGC. Your collective decision not to proceed is completely understandable under the circumstances.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ALL for all you have done for the world of steel guitar. We are all so much better off for having enjoyed the fruits of your labors.

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Billy Easton

Nashville, TN USA
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 9:24 am     Reply with quote

Michael and family!

Ditto what Jim Cohen said...thanks so much for many years of steel guitar heaven. We understand.

Billy Easton
Billy & Meriul Easton
Nashville, TN
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Jeff Garden

Center Sandwich, New Hampshire, USA
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 9:45 am     Reply with quote

Sad news, Michael, but very understandable in the unfortunate circumstances. I have nothing but great memories of my trips to St. Louis. The Scott Family hospitality was tremendous and the chance to meet and hear steel legends play live that I had only heard on recordings was always a highlight. We tend to forget that long before the internet, the convention was one of the few opportunities for steel players from all over the world to get together, swap stories, hear great music, and meet vendors to get advice and learn about new products. It always inspired me to go back home and play more. A heartfelt thanks to the Scott family and my thoughts go out to all of you during a difficult time. Rest in peace've made a difference in so many people's lives.
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Donna Sherrard Williams

Louisville, Ky.
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 10:19 am     Reply with quote

God bless your family..... My Dad, Boogie Sherrard, attended Scotty's Convention many times. I lost him in 2013. I feel your pain and appreciate the joy that convention brought to my father! Thank you and I pray you remember the good times.....
Donna Sherrard Williams "Boogie's Daughter "
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Bob Blair

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 12:08 pm     Reply with quote

My thanks to the Scott family as well. I have great memories of the shows I have attended, and I made many enduring friendships there.
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Jim R. Harrison

North Vancouver, B. C., Canada
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 12:27 pm     Reply with quote


I feel very privileged that you have shared your thoughts & ideas about the ISGC with me over the past months. I, like previous folks, am very sorry to hear that you, and your family, have been unable to secure sufficient funding for the ISGC this year. Thank you to ALL the Scott family for putting on such an inspirational steel guitar event over the past 44 years for those of us who are 'steel crazy'. Looking forward to seeing you in Texas.

Kindest regards, Jim Harrison
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Charley Hill

South Carolina
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 12:54 pm     Reply with quote


I would like to echo Jim Cohen's sentiments. I am proud to have met Scotty and the rest of the Scott family way back in the early 90's.

Dewitt "Scotty" Scott set the standard that the rest of the conventions were made of. I don't know of another instrument that has the continuity of players blended together at these conventions as does the "Steel" Guitar. The Contribution of your fathers labor of love for the players and the instrument is indicative of what we have now. Coupled with Bill Ferguson's video contributions and your fathers effort of love, has kept the instrument alive. The fruits of his labor are our harvest!

Your fathers legacy lives on!

Thank You!
Traveler, Peddler and Extreme life lover. Giving up is not an option.
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Ray Harrison

Tucson, Arizona, USA
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 1:03 pm     Reply with quote

Michael. so sorry to hear this bad news.
I understand the amount of work and energy that is required and it must take it's toll.
Thank you and your family for the many years of diligent effort that provided so much for so many.
May your family enjoy many more years of healthy and happy life.
Ray Harrison
Bass/sing/Love PSG
77 Stingray/Kiesel 5 string bass
Telonics , Fender Rumble500, Polytone Amps
D-16 Martin, 1970 Ovation guitars
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Cloverdale, Northern California
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 1:11 pm     Reply with quote

It's sad to see it go, but I understand why. Thanks to all who made it possible.

The ISGC was our touchstone for most of our lives. I haven't been able to make it in recent years, but I have many fond memories.

The SGHOF has always been intimately connected to the ISGC. Will it continue? Perhaps there could be an annual SGHOF concert & ceremony. Just a thought.
-b0b- (SGF Admin) Bobby Lee ♪ @b0bleeCopedentsRecordings
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Darrell Criswell

Maryland, USA
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 2:45 pm     Reply with quote

There has been some talk of having an international steel guitar convention in Nashville to replace the one in St. Louis. Nashville would be a more attractive location for people to travel and there are many players who live in the area that would not have the expense of traveling.
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Bobby DeMoss

Missouri, USA
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 3:10 pm     ISGC Scotty's Reply with quote

Jim Cohen,

Well said and I agree about having it in Nashville. Just seems natural. Smile
Nothing will replace the electricity though at Scotty's shows and I will miss it.
Zumsteel 08 Anti 9x10, Vegas 400x2 Lemay Mods, Zumsteel 99 9x10,Stroborack X2, Lexicon MPX200x2.

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Jerry Lee Newberry

Prim, AR USA
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 3:22 pm     Reply with quote

Sorry to see the show go even though we had not gone the last 2 or 3 years. We had some good times there. Understand why you have decided to give it up.

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Keith Hilton

248 Laurel Road Ozark, Missouri 65721
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 7:24 pm     Reply with quote

When you are young you think someing will last forever. When you become old, you understand that time changes everything. Some things never have their day in the sun, and other things get their time in the sun. It is sad to see this tradition end, but life must go on. I respect the Scotty family for their many years of hard work, and devotion to Scotty and his dreams. It is sad, but all dreams come to an end at some point. Yes, I am very sad.
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Hal Higgins

Denham Springs, LA
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 8:44 pm     ISGA....sad news Reply with quote

To Michael, Ms Mary and all of the Scott family......there is probably no one who is any more disturbed about no more ISGA shows than the Scott family, and this is very understandable. As a steel guitarist for nearly 46 years, I only got to go to a couple of these conventions in the early years......I always seemed to be on the road making a living. I really regret not being able to be there more. My very best wishes to the Scott family are extended as they continue to grieve the loss of such a beloved man who devoted most of his years to the advancement of this instrument that so many of us love. Many thanks to the Scott family.....and my continued prayers are with all of you. May God bless and keep you
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Joel Martin

California, USA
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 8:59 pm     Reply with quote

Huge thanks and understanding to the Scott family. You guys have always done such wonderful work making it happen. The ISGC has been the biggest source of inspiration for me as a developing steel guitarist and a fan of country music.

So everyone...what do we do with our Labor Day weekends!??
1968 ZB D11
1965 Vibrolux Reverb
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Lynn Fargo

Pennsylvania, USA
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 9:05 pm     Reply with quote

I think we should find out how much more $$ is needed and ask steel guitar players worldwide to dig into their pockets.
Scotty's is an institution, as is the SGHOF.
Is this at all feasible?
Sho-Bud Pro II Custom, Fender Pro Amp, Fender Mustang II Amp, Morrell 8-string lap, Epiphone 6-string lap, Galveston reso, etc.
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Don Lanier

Illinois, USA
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 9:19 pm     St Loius Conventions Reply with quote

I wish to thank the Scott Family, Scotty, and Mike Brown from Peavey for there belief in our Sound and crews during the conventions. Behind the scenes its been many a long day and night of work to produce these events. A labor of love working for the Staff band,and each Steeler, each a professional and joy to work for. The Steelers of who I didnt really know your backgrounds, shows, albums but i experienced your love of this thing called STEELIN......

God Bless you all on the road of life and thank you for letting me share this joy...May God Bless you with the sounds of the Steel Guitar and fond memory of Dewitt Scotty Scott, a larger man of steel there may never be....

TAKE CARE...and Happy Trails...
Don Lanier
Pearl Pro Audio
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sullivan mo u.s.a.
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 11:34 pm     Reply with quote

I was able to attend all 44 years of Scotty's Conv I just can't believe how much my life was changed being able to see an hear so many great Musicians, this is a very sad day for the Steel Guitar Community. I can only hope that this does not spread into other Steel Shows. Thanks to Scotty an Mary an the Scott family for all they done.


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Chuck S. Lettes

Denver, Colorado
Post Posted 27 Feb 2016 11:44 pm     Reply with quote

So many memories and friendships formed at the St. Louis Steel Guitar Convention. Thank you Scott family for being such an important part of my life.
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Terry Wood

Marshfield, MO
Post Posted 28 Feb 2016 1:21 am     Reply with quote

The Steel Guitar Shows hosted by the Scott Family has graciously touched all of our lives! Non of us will ever be the same! I had the opportunity to see and hear the Greatest Steel Guitar Players that ever played the instrument! This Show that the Scott Family hosted for all these years has given birth to smaller shows all over the USA and around the world! Many more people are now aware and appreciate the Steel Guitar! I salute the Scott Family and we Love All of You and We will all be forever grateful! GOD bless Your Family!
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Bill Ferguson

Norcross, GA USA
Post Posted 28 Feb 2016 4:46 am     Reply with quote

While at Scottys funeral, Roy and I had a feeling that this day would come.

I have been at the convention since 1976 and in the sound/video booth since 1980.

I was first given the chance to get behind a recording mixer by "doc" Stewart and since that time he and I have remained the closest of friends.

In 1989, Scotty approached me to take over doing the video of the show. That lasted for about 10 years until circumstances caused us to cease video taping.

Around 1992, Scotty once again approached me and asked that I take over being in control of the sound booth. What an honor.
Peavey was by this time contracting out the sound, so the crews changed frequently. Scotty felt that I could keep a handle on the quality of the sound. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it was iffy.
Scotty gathered Mike Brown of Peavey, myself and the then current sound man together for a meeting. Scotty's words to the sound man." I don't care who tells you the sound is right or wrong, the only people that you make any changes for are Scotty, Bill Ferguson or Mike Brown. These are the ones that know how it is supposed to sound"

As the years passed Peavey completely pulled out and along came Pearl Audio (Don Lanier), so here I was starting over with a new sound team, which proved to be one of the best ever.

Through working the sound booth also put me in position to meet and become friends with the greats of the steel guitar world and COUNTLESS people from around the world.
I have made literally hundreds of friends because of being where I was.

Then after the invention of YouTube, after much discussion, Scotty allowed me to start posting video from the past shows and the rest is history.

About 5 years ago, Scotty came and sat down with me in the sound booth and asked "Just how much longer do you want to do this?" I replied, well I have been at it for some 30 years, how about another 30 years? Scotty's reply "Let's go for it"

I want to personally thank everyone in the Scott family for putting up with me over the years. After being there so long, I pretty much knew everything about running the show and to some extent they let me.

And last but now least, I want to acknowledge Stoney Stoneceipher. He poured his heart into that show every year as the MC and the coordinator of the Talent Show. Kudos Stoney.

Because of Scotty and the ISGC, hundreds of shows around the country and the world sprung up. Some are gone and many are still going. This made Scotty happy to see people's love of the steel guitar.

I will sure miss seeing all my friends that I only was able to see at the ISGC. I ask that all of you stay in touch. My contact info is below.

So long to a wonderful part of my life.

Bill Ferguson
4348 Venus Dr
Norcross, GA 30093
AUTHORIZED GeorgeL's, Goodrich, Telonics, BJS and Peavey Dealer: 1993 Green Emmons D-10 LeGrande w/ Emmons 108 pickups, 2004 Mahogany Carter D-10 w/ Lawrence XR16 pickups, Goodrich or Telonics Volume Pedal, George L's Cable & Strings, Peavey Nashville 112 (I have 2), Peavey Session 115 (#1) and a Telonics Combo 112
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bob drawbaugh

scottsboro, al. usa
Post Posted 28 Feb 2016 5:46 am     Reply with quote

This is sad news. My first trip to the convention was in the 1970's. I was just a kid at the time with a new wife and a new baby. But what an awesome time I had meeting all the greats of the insturment. I thought how cool Buddy Emmons was playing the steel and Hal, Jimmy, Jeff and so many more that I saw, heard and met that first trip. Then as the years went by i starting taking my son Jeremy, I watched him meet Buddy, Jimmy , Jeff and so many more. It built a fire in his belly for steel guitar that was built in mine so many years ago.

I want to thank the Scott Family for so many years of great steel guitar music. But, even more the many hours that I've spent with my family doing something we love. Thanks agin and God bless.

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Jerry Overstreet

Louisville Ky
Post Posted 28 Feb 2016 6:16 am     Reply with quote

I remember my first trip in '76 or '77 walking into the old Chase Park hotel about dusk on a Fri. night. The first steel player I saw that I recognized was Herb Remington, I don't know why I remember that, but I do. After that, I recognized one hero after the other walking around in the place. There were many I didn't know of however.

When the concert started, I was in steel guitar heaven. I had never heard steel guitar being played like that live and loud. Instrumentals of all styles of music. The players came out of those bars and just blew the roof off the place.

It was through exposure at the ISGC that I learned what the thing is really supposed to sound like, look like, about pioneer players, legends, those current and up and comers who would define my steel guitar goals for nearly 40 years. I also learned what great people steel guitar players are, including the, particularly the famous.

But for these conventions and the generosity of the players congregating there to school us, the friends and connections I made, I would never have become the musician I am today.

My expressions of gratitude to Scotty, the Scott family and the extended ISGC family who all worked so hard to make these events so successful over the years. It's a bittersweet adieu to the ISGC and I wish all of you the very best. Thanks again.
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Rose Sinclair

Austin, TX, USA
Post Posted 28 Feb 2016 8:45 am     Reply with quote

This is truly sad news. I'd like to express my utmost appreciation to the Scott Family for their incredible vision and hard work in making Scotty's International Steel Guitar Convention a reality and a touchstone for steel guitar enthusiasts around the world for many decades. Thanks to Bill Ferguson for his sound and video work -- those videos are an important archive for steel guitarists now and in the future.
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