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Author Topic:  Tube grumbling easy fix
Bob Hoffnar

Austin, Tx
Post  Posted 9 Jun 2024 8:49 pm    
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I have been having problems with a random tube grumbling sound in my amps. I swapped tubes in and out trying to isolate it. Turns out it was my cel phone. I just saved a pile of money because I was getting ready to order new tubes.

I felt about as dumb as I did when I fixed a weird tremolo sound by turning off a ceiling fan.
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Bob Carlucci


Candor, New York, USA
Post  Posted 10 Jun 2024 1:07 am    
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been there done that with the ceiling fan tremelo. Took a while to figure it out too! Rolling Eyes
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Tucker Jackson


Portland, Oregon, USA
Post  Posted 10 Jun 2024 9:37 am    
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Somebody briefly cut power to the stage just before a gig last week. When everything came back up after one second, my amp wasn't putting out sound. A few minutes of freaking out thinking the amp had been knocked out by a voltage spike or something.
Answer: my tuner -- which is in-line and never muted and left on all the time -- powered back up in 'mute' mode. As it always does. You can't get more rookie than that.
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Ian Rae

Redditch, England
Post  Posted 10 Jun 2024 2:29 pm    
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Traditional troubleshooting involves a logical narrowing down of the problem to the faulty component.
And then it turns out to be something else entirely.
There must be some German philosopher who has this principle named after him.
Make sleeping dogs tell the truth!
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John Poston


Albuquerque, NM, USA
Post  Posted 10 Jun 2024 5:35 pm    
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I heard weird clicks and noise in my milkman creamer when it was too close to my wireless cable modem/router. Drove me nuts for awhile before I realized.
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Dave Mudgett

Central Pennsylvania and Gallatin, Tennessee
Post  Posted 10 Jun 2024 10:08 pm    
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Yup - put my cell phone near some amps of various types - tube, solid-state, hi-fi, TV, whatever - and it makes a really loud noise. It's a very distinct sound, I've come to recognize it. But every once in a while when I'm in a rush to set up and get going, I'll get a call or text and then unconsciously set my phone on the amp, and then get faked out and have to track down the noise.

The ceiling fan oscillation is more subtle but can be very annoying. There are places I've played over the years where they have insisted on having them whirling right over us. It can make the whole band sound weird.
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