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Paul Strojan


California, USA
Post  Posted 5 Jun 2024 7:58 pm    
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I’m looking to add a third bender on to my lap to lower the E string to D# and raise the same string to F# with a knee levers. I am thinking that something like a one string tremolo might be what I need. Does anyone make something like that?
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Ian Worley

Sacramento, CA
Post  Posted 10 Jun 2024 2:48 pm    
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It's unlikely you'll find anything pre-built, but if you're handy and have the necessary tools this could be done in basically the same way a pull-release changer works. It will be challenge to make it compact enough to fit on the top surface of a lap steel while avoiding encumbering your right hand when you play. It would probably work best if you could recess some or all of the mechanism into the body. Like a pull-release psg, the neutral note would be created by a spring holding the lowering lever against its stop. The lowered (released) and raised (pulled) notes would require separate stops for tuning, how you accomplish all of that would depend on how/where you locate the levers and the spring. Most Hipshot or Dusenberg style benders can raise or lower, but not both on the same string. You could probably modify one of those to do this if you already have something like that on the guitar. If you're not familiar with how pull-release mechanisms work you can search the forum, there's a ton of info here. You'll just have to adapt the general concept to your particular situation.
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