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Author Topic:  The "Blaster Beam" Is it or ain't it?
Donny Hinson


Glen Burnie, Md. U.S.A.
Post  Posted 22 Aug 2023 9:43 am    
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Bob Womack

Virginia, USA
Post  Posted 25 Aug 2023 4:49 pm    
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To understand its use, go watch Star Trek The Motion Picture. Composer Jerry Goldsmith was always out on the ragged edge of new or unusual instruments. The attack scenes were rife with Blaster Beam and Waterphone.

Here is a Waterphone:

"It is said, 'Go not to the elves for counsel for they will say both no and yes.' "
Frodo Baggins to Gildor Inglorion, The Fellowship of the Ring

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Fred Treece

California, USA
Post  Posted 10 Feb 2024 11:33 am    
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I saw somebody playing one of these things outdoors at Sproul Plaza on the UC Berkeley campus one afternoon in about 1978. It had sustain forever and was the biggest baddest most surreal guitar-ish sound I had ever heard. In fact, given it was such a bizarre sight and sound to behold, and since I never saw anyone ever play one again, I actually doubted my memory of it.

Thanks for posting.
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