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Author Topic:  Arachnophunia
Bobby Lee

Cloverdale, California, USA
Post  Posted 23 Aug 2000 8:29 pm    
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Two scientists are talking in a lab one day and one says to the other: "Wait till you see my latest discovery. It'll blow your mind!" Naturally intrigued, the second scientist asks for a demonstration of this amazing discovery.

At his request, the first scientist gets a spider out of a matchbox, places it on the desk and says: "Spider FORWARD!" At his command, the spider moves forwards. The scientist then says: "Spider, TURN AROUND", to which the spider obeys. The scientist then says "Spider, FORWARD", and again the spider does exactly as it is told.

The second scientist, impressed with his friend's command of the spider, congratulates him on his work. The first scientist then replies, "No, you haven't seen my discovery yet. Wait till you see THIS", and he then pulls all of the spiders legs off and places it back on the desk.

The first scientist then repeats his order to the spider "Spider, FORWARD", but the spider doesn't move. "Spider, TURN AROUND". But it still doesn't move.

By this point the second scientist is getting a little confused, and so asks his friend what it is he's trying to do, pointing out that the spider isn't going to move.

"Exactly!" the first replies. "I've just discovered that when you pull a spider's legs out, they go deaf!"
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Jim Landers

Spokane, Wash.
Post  Posted 23 Aug 2000 9:03 pm    
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That first scientist is the same one that finaly figured out that research causes cancer in rats.
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