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Richard Vineyard


Missouri, USA
Post  Posted 17 Nov 2023 2:59 pm    
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[size=18]Im 80 years old and have played some bass for a while using the number system, cant read music, now I just purchased a used Rogue 6 string lapsteel, I changed the tuners to something better, purchased a kit of the internet that allowed me to change the scale to 22.5 with a new nut, bridge and fretboard vinyl overlay. I changed out the pots to better ones, and moved the input jack to the side so that it doesn't come out of the top and added new strings. the ones I installed are for G tuning, I also have a set for C6 and open E. Now after all that I need to learn how to master this thing or at least play it. I play bass at our local church in the praise band and thought it might be nice if I could learn to play the lapsteel and occasionally play at least one song with it a month during the service.
Any and I mean any help will be appreciated as this instrument it totally new to me and Im sure it wont come easy to an 80 year old.

Thanks everyone in advance for any assistance, suggestions and directions I might get.

Rich Vineyard from St Louis, MO
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Tony Oresteen

Georgia, USA
Post  Posted 20 Nov 2023 7:28 pm    
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There are a number of on-line lap steel music instructors. Check You Tube.

There are a number of members here who publish written materials that are very good but most of the information for lap steel is for C6 tuning. I personally have bought Doug Beaumier's and Andy Volk's C6 material's and I highly recommend them.

Their websites are:

Doug B:

Andy V:

For G tuning (I assume that you mean GBDGBD (L2H), also known as Dobro) someone else would have to chime in.

Another popular tuning is Open D (DADF#AD (L2H)) that you will find on-line instruction for.

Check the "For Sale: Music, Lessons, etc." forum on this site.

Good luck!
Newnan, GA

Too many guitars, not enough time to play
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John Viterito

New Jersey, USA
Post  Posted 27 Nov 2023 7:00 pm    
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Emerald Solace acoustic laps and Rukavina steels. Can't play, but I try!
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Joel Monson


Alabama, USA
Post  Posted 28 Nov 2023 3:21 pm    
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There are many sources and resources; Basic C6th Nonpedal Lap Steel Method, by DeWitt Scott, Pub. by Mel Bay, Andy Volk's Books, Doug Beaumier's excellent arrangements, Lessons with Troy, Cindy Cashdollar's Lessons online, Check out John Ely's website for chords, tips, and great knowledge of Lap Steel, and look at the hundred's of videos on YouTube for inspiration, instruction, and fun. If you can find any book by Jerry Byrd, He is the Godfather, and Greg Cutshaw has some great arrangements and riffs on his websites. To summarize, use them all and decide on your own style using bits and pieces from all. I started at age 70 and am enjoying playing for folks at age 78. Best wishes and have fun.
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