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Eric Philippsen

Central Indiana, USA
Post  Posted 16 Nov 2022 5:49 am    
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I’d like to use the headphone-out on my NV112 while set up at the job. You know, where I have a few hours to practice before the gig or even to tune w/o being heard. Any headphones recommendation that is light, easily packed away and, hopefully, inexpensive?

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Karol Wainscott


Kokomo , Indiana
Post  Posted 17 Nov 2022 11:29 am     Headphones
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Eric , I use Sony MDR-V6 . They sound great also .
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Dale Rivard


Ontario, Canada
Post  Posted 18 Nov 2022 6:52 am    
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Another vote for Sony. I use the MDR-7506 for recording.
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Dale Rottacker

Walla Walla Washington, USA
Post  Posted 19 Nov 2022 7:40 am    
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I've used these for years and REALLY like them... if it wasn't for the abondance of ringing already present in my ears from a baZILLION years of working in too loud environments even with earplugs, I'd be using them more. These things really do sounds great.
Dale Rottacker, Steelinatune™
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Jeff Highland


New South Wales, Australia
Post  Posted 19 Nov 2022 11:56 am    
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I have a couple of the same Audio Technica headphones and really like them.
I have also just in the last two days got some AIAIAI wireless+ low latency headphones and really liking them, but not cheap.
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George Biner

Los Angeles, CA
Post  Posted 23 Nov 2022 11:41 am    
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One thing that is cool is an "over the ear" design that doesn't crush your outer ears -- makes wearing them for long periods comfortable. Audio Technica I know has some like these, not sure if the very-common Sony MDR's do. Just make sure to buy from a pro audio company (not a consumer company), because they will fix them if they ever break.
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Michael Brebes


Northridge CA
Post  Posted 24 Nov 2022 7:14 am    
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I recommend the Audio Technica over the Sony because the Sonys tend to have overhyped bass response. Even the AT 30's sound great, at a very affordable price.
Michael Brebes
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