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Author Topic:  Twin Reverb Speakers?
Brett Hansen


Michigan, USA
Post  Posted 3 Oct 2022 4:10 pm    
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I just picked up a clean 1973 Twin Reverb. It's headed to the tech for a checkup before I do anything with it. It has the original Oxford speakers with 50 years of wear and tear on them. I have been reading about the Weber neomag 12 being a close approximation of the JBL D120. I'm shooting for a 60s sound, not a modern sound. Before I think about dropping 500 bucks on speakers does anyone have any feedback on These? Is there something better?
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Dave Meis

Olympic Peninsula, Washington, USA
Post  Posted 3 Oct 2022 5:49 pm    
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Try the Oxfords for a while. They're well broken and might sound fine. If you know someone with different speakers in another enclosure, unplug your speakers and plug those in and see what you think. I've found big differences in new vs. broken in speakers.
It might save you from having a pile of speakers that you don't really like, and if it's the 'classic' sound that you're after, you might already have it.
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Dave Mudgett

Central Pennsylvania and Gallatin, Tennessee
Post  Posted 3 Oct 2022 7:41 pm    
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In general, I agree with the idea of trying the original Oxfords for a while and see what you think. I use my '66 Twin Reverb with the original Jensen C12N speakers, they sound great. And a '69/70 with the original Oxfords, they also sound fine.

My only pause would be to ask how hard you're gonna push the speakers. If you're gonna try to keep up with a really loud band (as one can readily do with a 200-300 Watt pedal steel amp with one or more high-power speakers), you run the risk of blowing your cool vintage speakers. I can use my Twins for guitar or steel, but I don't push the hell out of them. Yes, enough to keep up with a reasonable stage volume; but no, not enough to overcome a real loud stage volume.
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Bob Carlucci


Candor, New York, USA
Post  Posted 4 Oct 2022 1:55 am    
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Personally I think the stock speakers in a Twin reverb are great for pedal steel, as long as you aren't playing super loud.. Always loved the sound of stock Fender labeled speakers in all my original Fender amps, and almost never felt the need to replace them unless they were seriously worn out or damaged. Most common brand is Oxford if I recall in the early 70's, but Fender had a lot of suppliers and used whatever they had on hand .. I have also seen stock Utahs, Jensens, Rola, CTS . However the fact remains-If you like the sound of the amp as it sits, try it with the stock speakers.. I always did, and always thought they sounded great as is no matter what brand speaker they originally came equipped with.
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David Higginbotham


Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA
Post  Posted 4 Oct 2022 5:57 am    
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Following the recommendation of Tim Marcus of Milkman amps, I installed a set of Jupiter ceramics in my twin and was quite pleased. I sold the amp before I even had an hour on those speakers so they didn’t have time to break in. I put the originals back in when I sold the amp and kept the Jupiters. 🙂
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Erv Niehaus

Litchfield, MN, USA
Post  Posted 4 Oct 2022 8:00 am    
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I ordered a new Twin Reverb in approx. 1967.
I ordered it with JBLs, factory installed.
It even has the JBL logo on the front.
It doesn't get much better than this. Very Happy
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Per Berner

Skövde, Sweden
Post  Posted 5 Oct 2022 7:02 am    
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I bought a silverface Twin with JBLs new way back when I was at university. It sounded absolutely fantastic, but lifting it into my car and carrying it up to my flat on the third floor (no elevator) made it impossible to live with... Sad
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Dave Campbell

Nova Scotia, Canada
Post  Posted 9 Oct 2022 9:35 am    
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i have set of neo mags with aluminum cones. i bought them to replace the stock jensens in my tonemaster twin reverb. they were very crisp. in the end i went with one stock speaker and one neomag.

curiously i've never tried them with my real twin. i have an altec 418b in there, and i'm sure the neomags wouldn't sound better (but could handle more ooomph i suppose). i have 15" d130 and a 12" e120 for comparison. the webers seem more similar to the e120, maybe with a more scooped sound. i thought that they sounded similar to a 12" coffe can sro that i have. very chimey if a tad bright.

of course, i haven't tried a/bing any of these, and have only tried the webers in the tonemaster and not through anything else, so who knows what this opinion is worth, but there it is.

also, i did not like the oxfords in my twin.
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