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Author Topic:  Boosting direct signal into GarageBand
D. Scheindlin


Texas, USA
Post  Posted 15 Sep 2022 7:19 am    
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Hi, I’ve searched and can’t find the answer. I am recording in GarageBand (Mac) using an iTrack solo. I’m going direct from the output on my Hilton volume pedal into the iTrack. I just can’t get enough signal in GB. It’s too quiet - I’ve got the amp master cranked, output boosted and it’s still just not high enough. I’ve got the input level on iTrack as high as it can go without clipping.

When I record with my regular six-stringers I can get enough signal but with my pedal steel it’s just not cutting it.

Is there something I’m missing here that I need to go direct? A preamp or something? Mic’ing isn’t really an option for me.

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Jack Stoner

New Port Richey (Tampa) Florida
Post  Posted 15 Sep 2022 8:47 am    
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I've never used an iTrack, but I've used other Focusrite units in my recording studio. I have recorded direct from a Hilton to the Instrument input on a Focusrite and the input gain was set approx half way.

For testing, and to see if its the Hilton, go direct from the steel to iTrack and see if you have enough volume. If it works OK, something wrong with the Hilton. If its the same, I would suspect the iTrack and/or if it has some control program check that for gain settings.
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D. Scheindlin


Texas, USA
Post  Posted 15 Sep 2022 8:56 am    
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Thanks Jack. Good idea to take the Hilton out of the equation. Will check that today.
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Brett Lanier


Post  Posted 18 Sep 2022 11:42 am    
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If you go to "utilities" in the plug-ins menu there's a simple gain plug-in that might help you. It's also a good plug-in for flipping the phase on a track.

Another thing to look out for is what type of input you've selected on your interface. Most have the ability to select mic, line level, or instrument level input. If there's a software component to your interface it might be in there.

I don't have much experience with plug-in amp models... but I have recorded direct a bunch. Having some kind of way to push more clean gain into the input of the interface will help a lot - whether it's a mic pre with a hi-Z input, boost/preamp pedal, compressor pedal with a clean blend, Sarno V8, Simplifier, Strymon Iridium, etc.
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Tony Prior

Charlotte NC
Post  Posted 30 Sep 2022 1:40 am    
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DAWS typically require some sort of PREAMP on the front end. The Hilton may not put out enough signal for G Band and you cannot control it. Grab a single input preamp and life will be good ! Steel Guitar > Hilton > Preamp with level control > G Band

IF G Band has a compressor of some sort, and I believe it does, add it "very mildly" to the track input and it will help in taming peaks.

There are a few single input pre amps available fairly cheap . Scarlett Solo - ART - Presonus- etc. Check the GC used website as well , there are always good deals there.
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