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Author Topic:  Peavey Session 115 - problem
Sven Kontio

Post  Posted 2 May 2022 3:51 am    
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Hi guys!
First - being a Swede, excuse my lack of vocabulary... the language barrier...

Have any of you experienced the Peavey Session 115 having problem letting the PSG signal in? I have a problem where the amp doesn´t let the signal in unless I basically press the VP to the maximum level. Doing so the signal is ok and the sound quality is good, but it´s like a gate - no sound unless the signal reaches a certain level. I normally use the Hilton VP, but the same problem also exist w/ a Goodrich 120 or any other pot pedal I have. I´d appreciate any response to this matter. Over here there´s no Peavey service center available...

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Bill Ferguson

Milton, FL USA
Post  Posted 23 Jun 2022 8:30 am    
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Let me try to understand.

Try unplugging your speaker and plug it into the 2nd channel and see if that helps. Could be a bad power amp on one side. Results?

Have you tried both of the inputs (high and low) and if so, do you get the same results?

Try plugging your cable into the PRE Effects Return jack instead of the normal input. Results?

Try plugging direct from your steel into the amp, bypassing your volume pedal. Results?

Try putting a patch cable on the back between the effects loop send/return. Be sure that you are using the same effects loop as the channel (power amp) you are using. The amp has 2 complete power amp circuits.

Last but certainly not least, have you tried a different instrument cable to be sure that you do not have a bad cable anywhere in the chain ie, steel to volume pedal, volume pedal to amp

Hopefully one of these will solve your problem. If I can be of further assistance, drop me an email
AUTHORIZED George L's, Goodrich, Telonics and Peavey Dealer: 1993 Green Emmons D-10 LeGrande w/ Emmons 108 pickups, 2004 Mahogany Carter D-10 w/ Lawrence XR16 pickups, Goodrich OMNI or Telonics Volume Pedal, George L's Cable & Strings, Peavey Nashville 112, Peavey Session 115 (#1), Telonics Combo 112 and now a ProFex II, Peavey MiniMax Bass Head & Peavey Prototype Celestion Speaker (killer rig)
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