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Author Topic:  Highly Durable Screw-on Cables for Vintage Steel Guitars
Christopher Richards

Colorado, USA
Post  Posted 27 Jan 2022 12:05 pm    
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A female screw-on to 1/4" female adapter plus a standard guitar cable works ok on a variety of those vintage steel, lap & pedal guitars, but that setup with adapter + 1/4" jack gets pretty long, many players find it to be awkward. Swapping out the screw connector in the instrument for a 1/4" female jack is viable in some cases, but it will impact the value of an original vintage instrument, plus some of these instruments don't have the internal space to install a 1/4" input.

Best solution is one of my Tone Defender Cables, they feature a female screw connector integrated onto one end, it's actually more compact than a standard male 1/4". Looks great, and it can't pull-out and fall to the floor like a 1/4" if it gets yanked. Others build "similar" cables, but the Tone Defender is in a class by itself, literally the only one on which the screw connector end will NOT fail under the typical stresses imposed by a touring musician. The Who bought three extra long ones (for their harmonica microphones) to take on their 50th Anniversary Tour, they torture their mic cables with all that flamboyant "bolo" swinging... just don't. Their tour manager needed something with maximum resistance to this abuse, launching a chunky metal bullet mic at the audience is after all pretty bad juju. Paul Oscher (Muddy Waters Band) used one for a decade before his passing. 16 years in, hundreds sold worldwide, ZERO reported failures.

Takes 2+ hours to fabricate to my proprietary standard. Mogami or Canare quad core wire, silver soldered connections... selling price is fair considering time and materials. Custom lengths, various jacket colors + right angle connectors on the 1/4" end are available.

My store also has those adapters mentioned at the top of this post. Click the website CONTACT tab if there's any questions. Broad knowledge base (old guy here), happy to share.

Apologies for the flurry of posts upon joining this forum in Jan 2022, there were several old inquires on this topic, I tried to address most of them. Now that's done I plan to mostly lay out.

Christopher Richards
Soul' Proprietor - Harmonica (not just for harp players)
"In my youth I spent some money on fast cars, weed and women... the rest I just wasted"
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