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Author Topic:  Acoustic amplifiers
Mark Johnson


Illinois, USA
Post  Posted 13 Jan 2022 5:14 pm    
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Has anyone ever used acoustic brand amps for psg?
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Bud Angelotti

Larryville, NJ, USA
Post  Posted 13 Jan 2022 7:34 pm    
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Hey Mark - Back in the day, I had one at my house because the guy that owned it, owed me money.
I tried it with my steel because it was bigger than the other amp I had borrowed.
We plugged it in and turned it on. It made a big loud sound and never worked again.
The guy that owned it never came back to pay me either.
Sorry I can't be of more help but that's my true experience with acoustic brand amps, the big bass amps anyway.
But hey ! If it's free, and you don't have to move it except into the garage or something, give it a whirl, maybe you will like it!
Yes, I just remembered something else --
Check the speaker !!!
I remember that acoustic amp had JBLs in it. I think I sold it or traded it or something. It was like 1977.
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Ken Pippus

Lake Oswego, OR
Post  Posted 13 Jan 2022 7:56 pm    
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I gigged on bass for several years with one in the seventies. They were reputable, dependable solid state amps. I suspect the ones currently available have nothing in common with that history.
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Don Downes

New Hampshire, USA
Post  Posted 14 Jan 2022 2:40 pm    
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Back in my day (70s-80s) Acoustic amps were the bomb. Loud, dependable, bullet proof, sounded great. They were especially favored by bass players. But they were massive and heavy. The large cabinet held 2 x 15 JBLs (as I vaguely recall).
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Bob Carlucci


Candor, New York, USA
Post  Posted 15 Jan 2022 5:43 am    
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Good powerful, LOUD bass amps.. Crap sounding guitar amps.. Not awful, just a generic, SS, mass produced "tone".

I bought one at a yard sale probably early 90's, a guitar amp w/reverb, an used it in my band for guitar and steel... It was pretty poor..
Clean and loud, but really lifeless and without any character to speak of.. NOT a "tone monster".. It was in nice shape, and I think I paid all of about $60 in the 90's.. Goes to show how "highly" they were valued.
I would play one as a practice amp, or in a band practice loft I suppose, but they are not the best choice for a serious player in the modern age. Their bass amps were reliable and powerful from what I recall, and I remember a lot of good bass players depended on them as gigging amps.
Played with many bass players that used Acoustic amps, way back when.... bob
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Ian Rae

Redditch, England
Post  Posted 15 Jan 2022 5:14 pm    
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As a novice bass player I remember watching Zeppelin in the late 60s and wanting one of those amps. Never got one. Most other bass players were using 4x12 stacks which sounded vaguely exciting but lacked clarity.
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Cloverdale, CA, USA
Post  Posted 15 Jan 2022 5:56 pm    
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I use an Acoustic AG60 as a PA for small gigs. It has 2 channels, and each has 2 inputs that accept XLR or guitar plugs. It also has digital reverb effects. It's good for voice and acoustic guitar but pretty bland for steel. If I had to use it for steel, I'd put a guitar amp emulator like the Line6 POD XT or Strymon Iridium in front of it to add some character.

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