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Author Topic:  For Sale: 1973 Sho-Bud Pro-I. Model 6148 upgraded to 3x4
Mark McCornack

California, USA
Post  Posted 15 Jun 2021 1:28 pm    
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For Sale: 1973 Sho~Bud Pro-I. Round front, 2-hole pulls & barrel tuners. Ser #4157

I bought this new in 1974 (originally a 3x2, model #6148). A few years ago, I added two left knee levers, bringing it to a 3x4 config (similar to a first run LDG, but without the wide body). Top notch parts for this purchased from Michael Yahl of PSG Parts (excluding one linkage which I machined). I also added one of his ½ stop assemblies for the second string D#/D/C# drop. The current copedent is as follows:
A, B, C = Emmons
LKL = E's (4 & 8) raise to F
LKR = F#'s (1 & 7) raise to G
RKL = E's (4 & 8) lower to Eb
RKR = D# (Str2) lower to D (½ stop) and down to C#. Str9 lowers D to C#.

In addition to the lever and ½ stop upgrades, a Wallace TrueTone pickup and additional parts that will come with the guitar (listed below)

Original fingerboard was damaged and I replaced it with one of Tom Bradshaw's boards. Very nice replacement item as can be seen in the pictures.

The case is worn, but still protects the guitar. Some of the tolex is torn and the two inner latch fobs are missing. The hinge is sound, and the lid closes properly using the outer two latches, but if this were used as a giging guitar, the case could be made more road worthy with new inner latch fobs.

This is a 48 year old guitar with some patina to reflect that fact. Still a pretty blond, but no spring chicken. If your looking for a “mint” guitar of this vintage, it's probably not for you. There is some checking in the lacquer finish (see pics) and the bright work could certainly be polished up a bit. A minor ding here and there, however, there has never been any serious damage inflicted on this instrument. The changer was recently disassembled, cleaned, and sparingly lubed the with light machine oil. Plays great, sounds great. Also, I measured only 1.5 cents cabinet drop on the E's (A&B down vs. no pedals). Solid!

I've tried to include good representative pictures of the details described. If you have ANY questions for me, or would like to see additional details, please PM me here on the forum.

$1950 and the buyer will pay shipping.

Rope inlay, round front

Underside, changer end

Underside, peghead end

Closeup of top shows some finish checking from age.

Spare stuff. (over $350 worth of stuff if bought today).
4 tuning barrels
3 long pull rods (long enough to go to A pedal cross shaft)
1 new changer finger assembly
1 new quick release coupling
2 2-hole bellcranks.
2 brass swivels “half moon” (for splits, where two swivels are on one bellcrank).
1 new knee lever.
1 7/8” 180 gram tonebar.
1 TrueTone pickup with CT. Like new. Jerry Wallace built this for me in Sept 2018. 12K & 18K windings. This is an Additional pickup, as the guitar will be shipped with the original Sho~Bud pickup installed.
Miscellaneous linkage parts, retaining rings, set screws, etc. There is NO volume pedal included.

Case. Note the inner two fobs are missing on the latches. Outer ones are fine.

Another view of case. Some tolex torn.

half-stop installation

LKR mechanism I machined. All other upgrade parts from Michael Yahl.

serial number

wide pedals

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Ian S. Cameron

Saskatchewan, Canada
Post  Posted 15 Jun 2021 5:36 pm    
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Sent you a PM !
I'd rather be a man with liquor and no money, than a man with money and no liquor.
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Ben Waligoske

Denver, CO
Post  Posted 15 Jun 2021 8:08 pm    
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Gorgeous! I’ve got it’s twin, though technically a Single Professional, also 73. Really wonderful, vibey guitars - someone is gonna be really happy!
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Terry Wood

Marshfield, MO
Post  Posted 15 Jun 2021 8:28 pm    
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Great Steel Guitars! I remember them well. I had a 1974 Lloyd Green Sho-Bud but I like these Pro I Models, especially with your two pedal additions. You set your pedals like I do.

These were better made than the later Sho-Buds. The later models had lighter narrower pedals.

This will make some lucky person very Happy!
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Scott Spanbauer

Boulder, Colorado, USA
Post  Posted 16 Jun 2021 7:46 am    
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PM sent also. I may be driving from Colorado to Mendocino County soon to see my folks.
Carter D10, Emmons GS10, Fessenden SD10, 50s Fender Deluxe
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Ricky Davis

Buda, Texas USA
Post  Posted 16 Jun 2021 11:15 am    
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Ricky Davis
Email Ricky:

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Mark McCornack

California, USA
Post  Posted 16 Jun 2021 11:58 am    
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Sale pending. I will close this listing at completion of transaction Smile
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David Zornes


Ohio, USA
Post  Posted 16 Jun 2021 6:57 pm     Sho Bud
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Beautiful! I’ll say this steel has tone to the bone!
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Mark McCornack

California, USA
Post  Posted 18 Jun 2021 8:49 pm SOLD
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Guitar is SOLD and donation to Forum made. Very Happy
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