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Author Topic:  Virus Alerts!!!!
Butch Pytko


Orlando, Florida, USA
Post  Posted 16 May 2021 6:29 pm    
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I've been getting various virus alerts, mostly from Google Chrome and McAfee. I have Google Chrome, but I don't have McAfee. How does McAfee know the state of my computer, when I don't even subscribe to it? Anyway, I've been checking my Windows Defender, and it says everything is fine. I went out on the internet and found one antivirus reviewer, and he says that Windows Defender isn't strong enough against malware/virus, etc. They rated Norton as the #1 antivirus software, and naming the other popular brands going down the list. Any comments about what I should do?
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K Maul

Upstate NY/Hobe Sound FL
Post  Posted 16 May 2021 8:57 pm    
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Most of those “alerts” are fakes. They are attempts to get into your computer with malware that purports to “analyze and repair” problems. Don’t click on those links! Update what virus software you do have regularly and keep a cool head.
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Wiz Feinberg

Mid-Michigan, USA
Post  Posted 17 May 2021 7:13 am    
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In the event you are getting fake virus alerts (we don't know that yet), and Windows Defender doesn't see any actual viruses, I would get a second opinion from Malwarebytes. The program is free to use manually, or can be paid for to have it update and run automatically.

You can get a hold of me via a PM or email if you want more info. I use Malwarebytes on all my computers and have for a long time.

It might turn out that after scanning with MB, it finds out what is causing those alerts and offers to remove the threat. It will do this for free as long as you update and initiate "malware" scans.

The word malware means Malicious software. This includes traditional computer viruses, keystroke capturing programs ("keyloggers"), ransomware that encrypts your files until you pay a blackmailer to receive a decryption key, potentially unwanted programs (PUPS) like ones popping up false alerts and potentially dangerous remote login programs that may allow somebody to access and modify your computer from afar. While the remote access program may not be hostile in itself, if a malicious actor uses it to do fake tech support, your system can be held hostage until you pay for all manner of unneeded modifications. Fake tech support scammers can do God knows what if you give them remote access to your devices.
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