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Author Topic:  Fascinating 2+ hr interview with guitarist Steuart Smith
Dave Mudgett

Central Pennsylvania
Post  Posted 2 May 2021 10:40 pm    
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Steuart has long been one of my favorite guitar players, long before he joined the Eagles. Just a consummate musician, and the interview is equally interesting.
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Joachim Kettner

Post  Posted 3 May 2021 5:13 am    
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Here is a scan from the inset of "Code Of The Road" from the Lofgren European tour he's talking about.

He is sitting behind a piano and smoking where smoking is not allowed.
Maybe someone can turn this picture around?
I've seen him once playing with British songwriter Julian Dawson in a small club.
Amazing musician!
Fender Kingman, Sierra Crown D-10, Evans Amplifier, Soup Cube.
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Jerry Overstreet

Louisville Ky
Post  Posted 3 May 2021 5:46 am    
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In win 10, to + this photo right click, select "open image in new tab" then click on + icon. (Moderator note: to reduce the graphic footprint, I changed the photo link in Joachim's post to the flipped photo Jerry posted, and deleted the one here. Thanks Jerry.)
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Los Angeles
Post  Posted 3 May 2021 7:21 am    
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I remember seeing him YEARS ago, maybe the late 80's, on a PBS maybe ACL show with Rodney Crowell around the Diamonds and Dirt days.
I knew right then that he was a force.

However (RANT alert)............

This video is over 2 hours long.
And like almost all long videos, there are no time stamps or bookmarks to fast forward to the various topics/segments.
That said, I did the spot check FFW thing.

I was primarily interested in gear discussions.
There really kinda aren't any, at least not in depth.
I was surprised that he's a big fan of Music Man guitars.
He also had some good things to say about the Peavey Classic 50.

But there is some good news for PSG nerds (assuming of course there are any PSG nerds around here).

I also was looking for actual playing examples, of which there also aren't many.
But...........towards the end, he whips out a Strat and does a few PSG fake whammy bar examples.
For those, go to about 2:12:00 and listen pretty much 'til the end.
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Fred Treece

California, USA
Post  Posted 3 May 2021 8:27 am    
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Remember first hearing him on Wynonna albums, early 90’s. A refreshingly unique, clean, non-Albert-but-still-metallic/twang style.
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Tommy Detamore

Floresville, Texas
Post  Posted 6 May 2021 6:27 am    
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I have been a fan of Steuart for a long time! Years ago he used to have a three-piece band out of Maryland called "Babe". They played several times at The Mineshaft in Charlottesville, Va. where I played a lot. I think we did a split-bill with them there once but don't quote me on that Laughing

Years later I ran into him at a show in Switzerland when he was with Foster and Lloyd. We talked briefly after the show and he remembered those Charlottesville days.

I gotta watch this when I get a chance!
Tommy Detamore
Quilter Labs and Goodrich Sound Authorized Dealer
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Tony Prior

Charlotte NC..
Post  Posted 15 May 2021 12:16 am    
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Wonderful player, perhaps the ultimate example of "STUDY" I recall hearing him one early morning with Shawn Colvin LIVE on Charlotte radio, just the two of them. This was way way back. That was when I first heard his name.
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