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Justin Emmert


Martinsville, VA
Post  Posted 28 Aug 2020 7:57 pm    
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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the advice. Here's my first shot at overdubbing a backing track. I'm doing this as practice for if I ever get asked to do an actual overdub. It's difficult to really get the steel to sit in the mix. I did a little fading on both tracks, little eq on the backing track to open up a hole for the steel. I went back and forth on the steel level on the choruses so as not to play over the singer. I'm also hoping to learn to add video at some point as folks prefer to watch videos, rather than listen to a audio file. Still not happy with the steel tone, but I'll keep working on it. Let me know what you think and any pointers or critique would be welcome. Thanks. Justin.

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Plano, Texas 75023
Post  Posted 29 Aug 2020 3:42 am    
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Thought your recording sounded really good for a first shot at this crazy sound business.

A couple of pointers for you from my experience.

1. Make sure that the steel's timbre matches the track. In this case it sounds really good to my ear. I thought the tone was really good. The problem that you may be having is setting the level to make it sit in the track.

2. A trick that I have used in the past is to actually add some mids to the steel to make it sound a little harsh and then lay it back in the track. This way you can have it sit properly in the mix and still be heard.

3. Finally and this depends on what sounds good to you and the type of song that is being played is to pan the steel off center to one side or the other and any effects that you add be panned on the other side. For slow stuff it really makes the steel sound lush. For this song not sure if that would add anything but it is something for you to mess around with .

Hope this helps.

Mark T

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Jim Fogle

North Carolina, Winston-Salem, USA
Post  Posted 29 Aug 2020 3:27 pm    
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Justin I think you did a nice job or playing and mixing. I enjoyed listening to it.
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Ron Shalita

California, USA
Post  Posted 29 Aug 2020 5:08 pm    
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Excellent on it all,, that singer was awsome he sounded so comfortable! Very relaxed feel with all the instruments.. very nice mix!
Been playing all of my life, Lead Guitar, and Pedal Steel, sing Lead and Harmony.. play other Instruments also but I hate to admit to it..
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Tony Prior

Charlotte NC..
Post  Posted 30 Aug 2020 5:02 am    
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nice job playing ,nice recording, nice song. Thx for posting.
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