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Author Topic:  Steel guitar tutorials. Updated list
Mike Sweeney

Post  Posted 8 Nov 2019 4:44 am    
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Hey everybody! New tutorials added
First off, I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming response and participation regarding my steel guitar tutorials. It's very humbling when people appreciate your efforts.
With that being said, I'm going to answer some questions I've been getting and tell those of you that don't already know, how this program works and how to get them and a little about what is on the videos that are available already.
1st, these are digital downloads, not dvds. They are sent via google drive to your email. You open the link and download the files to your computer.
2nd, payment is via PayPal only.
3rd, when you order you need to include your email address so I can send you the tutorials.
4th, my PayPal address that you order from is:
Remember, it is $16 per tutorial, not $16 for all.
Now I will give you an overview of the tutorials. These things go in to a lot of detail and that makes it impossible to tell you everything included so I'm going to hit the high spots.
Tutorial #1, basically teaches you ideas to get from a 1 to 4 chord. In this tutorial I take a solo from an old tune that most everyone knows and I teach you the solo. Then I dissect it and show you how to use parts of it for fills etc.... then I show you how to use part of the solo to create a solo for another old song. So as you can see, these things can be involved.
Tutorial #2, is an addition to the 1 to 4 chord thing. Showing you how to take simple ideas and expand on them.
Tutorial # 3, also shows you how to take the simple ideas and make the more musical. There are some interesting Hal Rugg licks involved.
Tutorial #4, deals with the 9th string ( D ) and it's many uses. Several guys have told me this opened their eyes to a whole new world of possibilities.
Tutorial #5, is playing C6th type things on the E9th neck. This will give you some tools to play wester swing and blues on the "country" neck. Especially good for those that play E9th only.
Tutorial #6, is how I do chimes or harmonics.
Tutorial #7, deals with coming up with intros on the spot. Works great for turnarounds too.
Tutorial #8, takes up where #7 left off. Giving you more ideas over different chord changes.
Tutorial #9, is full of information about the 1st and 2nd string raises, 2nd string lower, B&C pedals and some interesting licks.
Tutorial #10, is the 1st in a series of tutorials on the C6th tuning. In this tutorial I show you options on comping chords in a 12 bar blues format.
Tutorial #11, is another C6th tutorial working with the 12 bar blues. This tutorial teaches pockets or postions for single note line ideas.
Tutorial #12, again a C6th tutorial discussing turnaround chords ie 6-2-5 etc... I feel this is an often overlooked topic.
Tutorial #13, I'm back on the E9th neck with this one. This tutorial is about playing single notes and helping you improve your speed. This is the longest tutorial to date. 5 parts a total of 40+ minutes. Packed with information.
Tutorial #14, In this tutorial I dissect the solo to "Together Again". I show you the original solo, then give you three more alternate solos.
This is a fun one.
Tutorial #15, This tutorial shows a few examples of playing intros that were done on other instruments. This is for the player working in a small group that has to cover piano, fiddle parts. These examples give you an understanding that as long as you can find the melody, you can play the intro.
Tutorial #16, this tutorial is about bar slants. I have have had several requests to do a tutorial on this subject.
I show the technique and give you some examples.
Tutorial #17, takes us back to basics with bar control excercises. This is great for the newer players to build eye/hand coordination and to sharpen your ears. It's also good for the guys that have been playing for years.
Tutorial #18, in this tutorial, I teach you the beautiful "O Holy Night". I have broken it down into small sections and have included an mp3 rhythm track for you to play along with.
I hope this clears up any confusion. Feel free to contact me if you're interested.
And thanks again.
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Mike Sweeney

Post  Posted 13 Nov 2019 7:32 am    
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Very Happy
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