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Author Topic:  Fingerpicks and finger swelling?
Dom Franco

Beaverton, OR, 97007
Post  Posted 11 Sep 2019 10:06 am    
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From time to time I have noticed my fingerpicks feel too tight.... and then other times they are so loose they are falling off my finger tips.

So it seems that I constantly have to bend and adjust my picks to compensate for my fingers swelling and shrinking back to normal size.

Am I alone in this? (To be fair I am older than most of you and I don't remember this happening before when I was younger)

I am not complaining just to whine... I am asking to see if any of you have found a remedy or work-around.

I have noticed that my fingers are usually swollen earlier in the morning, and by the time I have to perform most days they are back to normal.

I do play morning gigs once or twice a week, so I guess this is when I enlarge my picks and that's what makes them too loose when I play later in the afternoon...

I have dozens of picks, and always carry extras with me. I am now thinking about using different picks for morning or afternoon/evening performances.
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C. E. Jackson

Post  Posted 11 Sep 2019 12:35 pm    
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Dom, although I am in my 80's I haven't had that problem yet, so I can't speak from experience.
However, I do have a memory of Jerry Byrd talking about the problem in one of his instruction
videos. He said that he used a specific brand of metal pick so that he could mash the pick a little
tighter when the finger size changed. Maybe someone else will remember more details regarding
his statement.

C. E. Jackson Smile
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Phillip Vaught

Dallas,Texas, USA
Post  Posted 11 Sep 2019 3:45 pm     finger picks
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try perfect touch, you will be pleasantly surprised, I also use the claw hammer thumb of theirs. so great
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Terry VunCannon

Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
Post  Posted 11 Sep 2019 4:05 pm    
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Another reason that I only use Perfect Touch finger picks. They flex on your finger, and fit above the nail. Stay on great with a great tone.

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Glenn Demichele

(20mi N of) Chicago Illinois, USA
Post  Posted 11 Sep 2019 6:05 pm    
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Happens to me too, and I'm young (ha - 64). I think its a normal condition, where you swell up when you sleep, then deflate as the day goes on.
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Paul DiMaggio

Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
Post  Posted 19 Sep 2019 1:29 am    
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I have rheumatoid arthritis in addition to an severe injury on my picking hand. Swelling is a way of life for me. I have been using all plastic finger picks for several years now. I fit them when there is little or no swelling and the plastic has enough flex to keep them comfortable when there is swelling. There is a difference in sound and volume from metal picks especially with acoustic instruments.
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John Limbach

Billings, Montana, USA
Post  Posted 19 Sep 2019 3:51 am    
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Nuff said.
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Jerry Overstreet

Louisville Ky
Post  Posted 19 Sep 2019 6:20 am    
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This is not an unusual condition. F.I., in the winter months, my picks fit looser than in summer months.

I keep several sets of picks, probably you do too. You can adjust one set a bit looser or tighter for such times.
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Bob Stone

Gainesville, FL, USA
Post  Posted 19 Sep 2019 8:58 am    
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Saddle picks are my choice. Very comfortable.
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