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Author Topic:  True Bypass Loop Pedal
Danny Harrell

Livingston, Louisiana, USA
Post  Posted 30 Apr 2019 6:55 am    
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I use an Electro Harmonix Synth pedal with my steel. But, it was changing my tone when not on, not really true bypass. Through some recommendations, I ordered a True Bypass pedal from Loop-Masters. He builds these one at a time and it takes a couple of months to get it. I can say, it was worth the wait. I've tried other bypass pedals that were supposedly true bypass, but this guy (Brian) builds the real deal. I am a tone freak and I can tell you, this thing is quiet, and when bypassed, there is absolutely no tone coloration at all, as if going straight from guitar to volume pedal. I wanted to share this. The website is www.loop-master.com. If you use any kind of pedal that could color your tone, get one of these. He makes from one loop to several and the build quality is second to none.
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Los Angeles
Post  Posted 30 Apr 2019 7:20 am    
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I have posted on this topic here several times in the past.

In addition to Loop Master another company that also does these is Road Rage. There are other companies as well.

Some of them offer kits if you want to assemble/paint/etc it yourself.

The design is not anything super difficult. If you really want to build it yourself, and it's anything more than a couple of loops, just buy the kit. I've priced out the parts, and you can't buy them on your own for cheaper.

The 3PDT switches are fairly common. The company that I've used is Small Bear Electronics. I think that Build Your Own Clone does also.

The last couple TBP loopers I've bought I've picked up on the local Craigslist for super cheap.

The problem with these TBP loopers is usually the 3PDT switches start to go bad. One of the ones I got off of CL was an 8 looper, and every one of them needed to be replaced (the seller said that they were iffy, and I bought it because it was so cheap, basically the price of everything but the switches.)

IMO there is a better way to do this that doesn't use the clunky mechanical 3PDT switches. A few companies offer a micro controller relay module that uses a silent SPST footswitch. It can also be retrofitted into a Boss/Ibanez/similar pedal. I believe that Monte Allums and Small Bear and BYOC sell them, as well as few others. There are probably several commercial effects builders that have this incorporated, and I think that Wampler may have it in some of his pedals.

This module has a couple of advantages.
It has a circuit that eliminates the "pop" when switching in/out.
It also uses a silent SPST footswitch, so when you step on it there is not "ca-chunk" in the room.

The cost of the module and a switch is $20-25. That might sound expensive compared to a mechanical 3PDT, but they are supposed to last for about a million cycles. Most PSG guys aren't stomping on their effects a lot. But six stringers tend to switch effects a lot more, so it's probably worth it for them.

I have not tried them yet. My present TBP mechanical loopers are working OK for now. When they start to develop multiple problems I may try a couple of them. I also have a design of my own that I'll probably try as well.
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John Goux

California, USA
Post  Posted 1 May 2019 4:23 pm    
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I have one built by Robert Keeley. The size of a mini pedal. In/Out S/N jacks and lights.
Seems to work fine. I bought it for just this kind of thing that you are describing.
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